Aphorisms: Craft


Participates artist Vladimir Basalyga

Ether 29 July 2010

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: And how do you know these sayings: "Potter in shards have to cook, and the shoemaker goes into lumps" or "Every shoemaker without shoes walks, and a blacksmith ax no"?

Vladimir Basalyga:
This adage that great artists made production, be sure to be in demand. And great was the ability to cause birth of proverbs. You can hear this conversation: "- Basil, how are you? — Oh, wow, all the people!" The soul of such a person can not stop, to the best of what he's doing, to give to people. Yes, for the money … "

"3 craft friends — life is not to grieve"

"Anything that you can, it's good"

"What kind of crafts — such work"

"The eyes are afraid, and his hands make"

"As I can, so i glue"

"Do not holy pots molded"

"Well all know, but not all do"

"Without the ax not this the carpenter, not without a shovel gardener"

"Potter is in shards of cooking, and the shoemaker goes into lumps"
"Every shoemaker without shoes walks, and a blacksmith ax no"

"Shoemaker shyits-wife vyits"

"Music and small owner-piper"

"A musician plays — his wife did not have bread"

"There was a hunt, then i will work"

"What kind of yarn, so i will lay down the canvas"

"Who knows how differently, and who — in any way"

"To climb up to the head, behind the stove then find"

"Rich zazhabrue and blacksmith reign"

"Not by power grab, and mind"

"Power to dig — no water to drink"


Basalyga, Rakytskyy

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