Arab League is preparing to withdraw from Syrias own observers

Arab League is preparing to withdraw its observers from SyriaLAS Advisory Council (League Arab countries) on Sunday called for Nabil Al-Arabi, head of the organization, urgently withdraw from Syria observers because their "inefficient activity" is a cover for the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, reports TV channel "Al Arabiya".

"Even in the presence of Syria Observers violence in the country lasts, "- said Ali al-Salem al-Dekbas head Council. — "The work of observers in the country gives the regime of President Assad legitimate cover to the international community."

According to "Interfax", that's why council Calls Al-Arabi convene an urgent meeting of the League and decide to withdraw the observers.

The work of the League observers in Syria is the last displeasure of the West and the opposition, because after a visit to Homs, they are not revealed severe violations by the authorities of the country and, in addition, observers reported the presence of armed opposition groups in the town.

Earlier, an international human rights organization Amnesty International criticized the Sudanese General Mustafa al-Dhabi, head delegation for the fact that he broke in Sudan Tipo rights of their own people and not worthy to lead a similar purpose. In response League Arab countries announced that al-Dhabi trusts completely.

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