Architects of life

Millennia, centuries, years come and go, but people hardly changed. In old pictures, we see the same faces, radiating love and pain, tenderness and repentance, love and kindness. But do not capture the pictures that surrounds the thoughts oppress or elevate thinker, King, the cook. Who winds near the headboard of the hero, which the angels fly on the field after the fight?

No, everything remains the same. Witches, sorcerers, mediums, magicians still lead their invisible war for the rights, which themselves are not fully aware of can, trusting his great patron, hiding behind a "teacher", not knowing in what clothes he goes and how much has masks .

Being in this situation, "the master of evolution" is not engaged in self-discovery and the study of the laws of the universe, and the normal wiring of certain ideas — elemental ego satisfaction through social evolution, the various revolutions and elemental magic.
As a result of the accumulated contradictions, they slip into the masses exculpatory "secret doctrine" unrestrained struggle between good and evil, as the law of the driving forces of advancing civilization.

They do not argue as strange, but they're right. Right in terms of objectivity absolutes. Right from the point of view of the laws of the lower worlds. Right from the point of view of involutional processes of the universe. But, oh, how they are wrong in how to apply their teachings. Often, the author of a doctrine does not even know about what clothes to wear to his secret knowledge. I'm not talking about who is behind this information, the purpose for which they give it, and what methods are. Only that would not lie, but to submit the information as you need them, use different methods of distortion. The most common misrepresentation is its truncation, that is, nothing is given in sufficient detail.

— For what? — You ask.

— Simple. All brilliant — easy.

It is human nature to think through all the logical end. If they do not give a complete picture of the perception of the image, then we begin to think independently of the various options, and stayed mostly on the one that is more suited to our world. So, to our thoughts to flow in the right direction for some forces, emphasizing there no text or speech that takes the reader (listener) in a completely different "light was given." And for the same inquisitive minds, invented various "braking torque" in the form of a monolithic authority of the unknowable-leader standing on the top of the pyramid of knowledge in the face of the Almighty or the angels, archangels, the Demiurge, demons, and so on. In this situation, the person usually passes. Well, please tell me: "Where am I with its own logic against God?"

No, citizens — masters and wizards, it is not in good and evil, and the substitution of elementary semantic value of each word. Here, for example, as occultists slyly allow intrusion into our world of alien forces.

"Insiders distinguish negative (negative) and a positive evil. Negative evil — the polar opposite of good. Every action there is a reaction. Moving object must be supported — something hard, causing a start. Since it is difficult to walk on the surface, because it offers resistance, under our feet must be something about that would help or something to start, it gives us every step pulse moves forward. Negative evil is good support, it is the principle of resistance, inertia, it provides good footing.

But the negative evil — something more. We might call the "negative" aspect of the negative evil, as he and a positive aspect — the principle of destruction. We can best explain the function of the principle of destruction, calling it an esoteric title: scavenger gods. Its function — to do garbage collection for the advancing tide of evolution, to eliminate what has become useless, that it is not silenced and not slow life evolves.

It is believed that the creator of the universe has led to the manifestation of the divine emanations desyatiryad. They call ten sacred CEFIR [spheres of life], are portrayed in a certain order on the chart. This famous tree of life, the key to all symbolism. Sephiroth were emanated independently, each from the divine source. Instead, they follow one another. When one Sephira emanates in another, both sefirah are in equilibrium, compensating each other. However, during an emanation of Sephira, a period when the force has not yet come into balance and comes forward with no support, as the unfinished arch. It is this uncompensated force emanated during disequilibrium and subsequently never absorbed after the establishment of new areas and forms a positive evil. Consequently, there are ten kinds of positive evil — the same as the divine emanations, and — [sefirah — Spheres]. " (VM Bedash. "Frost", p. 90-91. Ekaterinburg 1991)

It seems that all the books on magic and the occult teachings not just a veiled truth but a forerunner to more serious consequences. That alone is worth the definition of "scavenger gods." It turns out that the "throw garbage in the middle of his house," it's okay, "crap" where no hitting, pollute the surrounding space — as part of the evolutionary process. Of course, the universe will fit any material for new construction. But somehow, no mention that the source of contamination is paying for it dearly. Or rather — consciousness can not develop, gradually disintegrates, turning into the "fuel" for the "scavenger gods." But what is most surprising, that this information is "stepping close to true."

Unspoken suggests that someone is very profitable. Beneficial to people looking for answers to your questions are not in themselves, but getting them from published sources or from the mouth is supposedly dedicated to ready-made, for such a way of knowledge makes it impossible to open the seed of the future of the universe and will slow down and eventually stop the evolutionary process of consciousness.

As we can see from the above, in the text are broken all the logical problems due emphasis on good and evil. These hidden agendas and hidden egregores. The very same information conveyed through text, intelligible only to the initiated, although the benefit of all.

If the author of the text could be guided not only the truths of absolute categories, but also a sufficient logical thinking, then surely he would have written a different way, not a substitute for serious concepts with words such as "negative and positive evil." Is evil can be negative or positive? Evil — it's either there or it is not, because in essence, the word is not a mythical understanding of something bad, but a very specific action — vgryzaniya holistic and division — the divine creation. Therefore, the written word "evil" in the old dictionaries alone beech S — exceedingly in his symbolic Inscription reminding snake fit into the divine space and dividing it into two separate self-reliance, and then the independent element. "Divide and rule" — that is the motto of evil.

Continuing the text on magic, it turns out that God, demon, angel, elemental (izoter. — the lowest entity does not emanate in person.) — Good as they have a fine structure, at the time, as a man, the stars, the planets, all natural dense forms is evil because they have dense structure. One step of the universe possible to put incompatible concepts? But it does so as a result many researchers experimenting subtle worlds. Suffice it to recall fortunetelling booms and seances among large segments of the population of our planet.

In contrast, the same statements about the struggle between good and evil, as the driving force of evolution can say one thing: this is written volumes of books, but nowhere does it say that contributes to the evolution of evil. It does not say just because the relentless rhythms universal law always tells a different story, that evil — can only cause harm, the opposition — only confrontation and struggle — just fighting and violence — only violence. That is all the other way around. Even Plato showed in his work phenomenon emanation higher sphere of the absolute in the denser areas of life, which causes the growth — consciousness — evolution.

There is a science Etherodynamics, which proves the existence of ether (quantum) wind. The source of its spread — the galaxy center. This science virtually proves the absorption of dense bodies of the universe, quantum flux and transformation of the ether in plain water. How can you not say that the ether is a material manifestation of emanation: divine thought, the absolute energy of motion evolves consciousness.

The analogy of the law of nature from the point of view of classical physics: "… the potential difference [the density difference between the spheres of life], there is tension, which causes the EMF — electromotive force [emanation]."
Or … from the point of view of the poet:

What would happen to the world if
B lose sense of light?
Why would the spinning earth,
If I did not love?

Let's go back to the mysterious divine ten Sephiroth. I do not know what exactly mean by that Kabbalah, but in nature, there are many areas of life, and each set for a particular entity has a different numerical value. For example, our human world consists of ten spheres ochuvstvovani: absolute — containing all and represent the number [0], a monad [1], dyad [2] .. Ennead. [9] As was correctly stated above, the sphere does not live at home, they expire from one another and can accommodate one another. As figures, which is the material shape of their appearance in this world (the field). That is, for example, the figure contains three one and two, or three units, and two in turn two units, and so on. In general, this is our world — the world of men poet, that is, the ten entities. A similar encounter in teaching Vseyasvetnoy ratification. All that is in the nature: the visible and the invisible, the manifested and unmanifested, stars and people, animals and plants — remains in several stages of life — several areas of the universe.

Probably many have thought about that at different periods of our activities, we think differently. At work, for example, most people are obsessed with certain categories of strict rules and obligations. This thinking is the physical body, to his criteria also apply to the corresponding needs: eating, sleeping, and so on. But suddenly, at some point in the life of a man is not to sleep, but sometimes, and not to eat. And thoughts are far from commonplace, the waves of feelings and emotions erupted heart. Yes, the astral body of man, woven from the senses, is haunted by the physical strict rules. It hates and loves, happy and crying, mourning and repents. All poets and artists think basically these categories. I bet that everyone at least once in your life is affected euphoria Providence flash meet his own genius. It is a powerful mental impulses of the human body, and it is not thought, and creative flight.

Inner realms of human existence — it is not a body, and a kind of glowing clumps of thin plan, or a single fiery body consisting of top "I" person — a spark of the Divine Absolute — Atma, Buddhi — the spiritual mind, the absolute consciousness.
All this can not be called full description, but rather how concepts are spheres of life. Once everything falls into place, to the extent that such expressions as "cordial maliciously" become inappropriate. Never do it, and can not be, because the human heart is the main conductor in higher or more precisely, the spiritual realm, that what Christians call God. Let it be, let Absolute is a receptacle of God. But they — the people looking for him in heaven, blissfully stretching out his arms to field aggregor, instead, to speak to your heart, "Seek God in you."

That's what has this incomprehensible text that is given as an example. Could be an example to take and Christian texts, but they are nothing, we would not have seen. Just because they are so degraded with respect to their original sources absolutes that even a drop of knowledge can not seep through the filters' architects of being. "
Once again we come to the rhetorical point of our inquiry. Who will benefit so skillfully distort information? Who are these mysterious "Architects of human existence?" And now someone would have called out:

— Yes they are Freemasons!

But I think it is not so. Of course, the Masonic lodges have a role in the games of the beast, but I would not call them "elephant" or "horse" on this chessboard. And we too impose them as the source of all evil. One gets the impression that someone is clearly trying to put our thoughts on the wrong track.

One can endlessly cite examples from various fields of science, religion, spirituality, history, philosophy, art, etc., which would not delve mysterious ghosts and did not put their invisible at first glance, signs leading people to the abyss of involution and disasters. But for the inquisitive mind no mystery, with the condition that it is directly linked with heart. In such cases, with an eye to slide blinders and ghosts are gaining flesh and the voice we hear in any medium.

Intrigue — Invisible War, global conspiracy … The key to this stratum of the unknown, I found the term "Night of Svarog" the Slavs and "Kali Yuga" at the Indo-Aryans. This is none other than the position of the planets, the solar system and the galaxy with respect to the manifest and not a manifestation of matter in the universe. Hard life on the border of light and dark, but this process of passing through the Earth twilight worlds almost complete. Only the consequences, and it is a serious deviation in the planetary spheres to the level of the astral matter. In other words, our astral world has turned away from the harmonic interaction with all spheres of life and has a negative quality. An example of this, the behavior of the individual. Instead of deep feelings, we are guided only emotions — momentary desires. In essence, the astral world of the senses, has become a world of emotions. Love and hate, we embarked on a zhiznepolagayuschuyu position. Such distortions can occur only when a planet passes in their lessons in twilight worlds. The people of this world are blocking the energy interchange between the astral and mental realms of existence. Which leads to a decreased sensitivity of the subject, limited thinking, incomplete assimilation of the neurons of the brain information about the world and more.

Yes, what can I say … We can see it everywhere, especially in modern art. In fact, the art does not become a harmonic support of sound, image, or verbal forms, and publicly display distortion of consciousness of the individual. If Daly is gone, the modern series with pledged to follow stereotypes are simply dangerous to humans.

One might say that this is the machinations of certain forces, but I think this is a special ruling, arising from the conduct of the general population. Mankind has made it possible to control a minority of most psy-fields to the best of their degradation. And of course, the true architect of life, always in the shadows. But this, from time to time and.

Who would I not have to talk about these issues, all answered in different ways, but the conversation always came down to one thing: "The truth is somewhere out there …" (from the famous TV series "X-Files"), or "We'll never know, be content with what we have. " And thus we only indulge in "the great inevitability of our being" the architect. " Therefore, with respect to the truth, I would put it this way: "The truth is under their feet." And in the literal and figurative sense.

I will explain. In direct — is archaeological evidence that tell us about the very different stories of our ancestors, their evolution and development. Against the background of the modern enlightenment can see the wretchedness of our mind with you in relation to knowledge and culture of the Aryan peoples.

In the figurative — is an elementary ignorance that makes us take a book from the shelf, or buy it in the store, as well as read the contents, analyze and find all the answers to their questions. "The truth is under their feet." There are a great many names of historians, philosophers, archaeologists, physicists, biologists, anthropologists, these doctors and ordinary people who have serious evidence of their research in different areas of our lives.

From all this, many suggest to start with a story from the history of this planet. After all, nothing is more disciplined neurons of the brain, as the knowledge of the past. No wonder they say: "He who knows the past, is available to the future." No one "architect of being" will not affect the brains knowledgeable person. Knowledgeable person, do not need that "television and radio wash", which is in service with the forces. Knowledgeable person transcend artificial economic situation. Knowledgeable person knows how to earn a bit of freedom, which is much tastier than soy sausage in the store. Knowledgeable person is able to mentally make a difference using the harmonic motion of the environment — the universe.

If anyone of these statements seem to be unfounded, we try to analyze the performance of your brain that you are not subject to disharmonic vibrations. That is, are out of high radiation communications, TV and radio waves, surrounded by large concentrations of people, including high-rise buildings. Only such a place can only be a natural — forest, river and mountains. Watch and compare a current of thought, as they worked in the city and how to "open air."

What is all this? And this is about the metaphorical meaning of the truth in the way. Natural environment of the neurons of the brain causes the orderly — it is natural to give commands to his physical body, because it is a harmonic mixture of the natural vibrations. And in place of the effect of "riding the mind", which is prevalent in most civilized city dwellers we have more or less rational proceeding smoothly own thoughts. What is the first step, as to physical health and a deeper thought process, which in turn imply the possibility of harmonic effects to any situation.

Certainly, each of us thought about why one person always gets into a not a good situation, and the other does not differ from him, by some miracle, all the while avoiding the sort. The thing is that the two entities can even copy each other, but think differently and, therefore, the oscillation frequency of the fields have different effects on space. Who oscillation frequency close to the harmonic content, the gut feel "door open well" and did not take a step to a broken bone. And who "eats" low frequency, that will necessarily get into the well, and depending on the severity of the injury, it is possible to judge the speed of passage of the "lesson".

But as we did not consider the different situations in the release of human conscious aggregorial as well and that is how it is called, is always a pitfall that can seriously undermine our attempts to self-reliance to zero.

Maybe someone would think that I poured water here about the myth of some "architect" to control us, and he did not answer the question, who they are, but believe — it is not. In general, such a problem does not even raise, to take and that's all in one small article, tell, show, and, most importantly, to prove. Not at all. The problem is set is different: "To help open the eyes of the thinking, and the rest, they will see for themselves." After all, what would the vibration frequency increased in a person without violating his freedom of choice (will) need full awareness of what is happening.

Many who have already tasted the fruit of awareness of what is happening is wrong, the old-fashioned view of folded patterns are trying to establish political parties, extremist movements such as "Russia for the Russian" and the like. Quietly and quickly these figures are subject to a real control of our favorite "architects of being", which, like the air, such organizations are necessary, more precisely, those fanatical emotions — products of the activity of these associations. They do not even need to list. Any sane person can see who is on us, and that requires. Wherever there is bigotry, there lies the trap of the beast — "the architect of existence." And the worst of them, covered with a veil of the postulates of spirituality and culture.

This is done for several reasons, but the main two. The first is a complete vindication of all selfish intentions man, that would at the subconscious level, he did not dare to conceive of its most serious responsibility for all their actions and thoughts. What would his mind — manas, in any case, did not stop his pursuit of sensual pleasure, and continued to feed the invisible "architect".

Second, a complete control over human spiritual search. They need it, that would not in any case the subject did not stop to look for God from the outside. What would, in any case, the man did not open the heart center, and it is not known to God himself, and God himself. Indeed, in this case egregore loses not one person — a sandwich than a feast, and a great many people who are a living example to follow for walking, or rather upward, rising on the golden path of our ancestors, our bright world, the way of our divine self.

From the book of W. Tsvetova "fifth wheel." Chapter 5

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