Are there elves?

Tales of northern people carry information about the Earth's inhabitants, suggesting that people — it's heavenly sons. And the indigenous inhabitants of the land are the elves, trolls, goblins. With the advent of the first representatives of humanity was all right, but according to legend, with the emergence of a growing number of the population, the growth of the genocide of the indigenous population grew Jabneh.

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According to this belief existed, and probably there to this day, the elves. Recently, it is believed that the elves are a household name, including a like elves and other mythical peoples, such as fairies, gnomes, and so on.

The most common were the elves in Germanic and Scandinavian legends. Judging from the descriptions, the elves were lovely creatures with long silky hair, piercing eyes and a great figure. They were considered as forest spirits and were in close contact with the forest and nature in general.

Elves possessed many magical properties, as they got along with nature and its phenomena. Some legends say that the elves were immortal, and others that they are very long lived and slow growing old — 500 years to the life of an elf became like an adult.

Often elves helped people, for example, at the birth of the child. In some infants or adults elves have imposed conspiracy of trouble and deadly diseases.

The original look of the elves is difficult to trace, since this information is lost in the centuries since the elves are pagan creatures and long since gone into hiding. However, to pay attention to their slender, long-haired and Svetlenkoe familiar, perhaps it is the descendant of an elf.

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