Are there vampires?

Even in ancient times, people were afraid of vampires. No one knows whether the vampires came up with the church or people, or they exist in reality, but, practically, all the people somewhere subconsciously afraid of them. But that's not the case, and quite different. There are age-old myth about how to kill a vampire:

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Myth 1
Pierce the heart of a vampire stake.
In ancient times it was thought that if the corpse did not pin him to the grave, it will rise at night to bite your family and kill them. At the time there was no iron nails were only wooden, hence the belief that a vampire can kill wood, but rather an aspen stake. For example, in many countries it is considered that the tree has a certain magical properties, for example, that such trees as ash, oak and aspen. Hence, as you understand, and there was a belief that a vampire can be killed this way.

Myth 2
Drown vampire in running water
Water has always been considered a kind of symbol of purification. In ancient times, water was stored in vats and barrels for quite a while. Over time, it becomes polluted and become rotten. The water in the mountain rivers, lakes and streams remain clean. And so was born the myth that running water kills the evil.

Myth 3
Burn a vampire.
It is clear that the myth of the vampire burning coined, of course, church. Church has always believed that fire purifies, as has extraordinary power. That is why the ancient heretics and witches were burned at the stake, as cleared by the fire of their soul, and with the smoke of the Gypsies evil.

Myth 4
Vampires are afraid of garlic.
Garlic was considered at the time of natural cleansing and disinfecting agent. People believed that garlic can expel from the body of evil. Garlic is hung at the door of the house, worn around the neck necklace of garlic.
No wonder they say that people are always afraid of what they do not know. This applies to the vampires, who believed in not only in ancient times, but in our time.

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