«Arena» — universal armor

Active protection armor increases survival doubled

India offered to upgrade previously purchased T-72 tanks, setting them on the active protection «Arena-E» production Kolomna KBM, part of the holding Rosteh «Precision complexes.» Development was presented at the exhibition DEFEXPO-2014.

Complex protects tank grenade hand-held antitank grenade launchers, artillery shells and cumulative anti-tank guided missiles, triggered when the lumen of the tank in the groove area 360 degrees.

Operates automatically without the participation of the crew.

TTX KAZ «Arena-E»
Source: Rosteh

The complex has been greatly improved, namely, the interior changed, element base and computing equipment. In addition, the «Arena» became smaller and smaller.

As the manager said MSC is miniature so complex that not even a descent was seen by visitors of the exhibition, who learned of his presence only after acquainted with the respective sign on the T-72.

Also T-72, T-72B and T-90 «Arena» can be installed on at least some Russian armored vehicles. KBM plans in the future to equip the entire complex modern Russian armor.

Kolomna KBM were the pioneers in the development of complex active tank protection, which it has been since the late 90s. KB is implementing the project at their own expense. Now working in this direction in France, the U.S. and Israel.

«I believe that the Israeli development at the moment is about at our level,» — said General Director Valery Kashin MSC.

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