As Belarusians took godfathers?

As Belarusians took movies of Russian TV channel NTV, against Alexander Lukashenko — the answer to this question sociologists have tried to get out of the agency Baltic Surveys. The Agency is a partner of the world-famous Lithuanian Sociological Center Gallup Organization. In 2004, the Baltic Surveys organized conducting exit polls in Belarus during the constitutional referendum.

On the latest research center Yuri Drakakhrust talked with the head of Baltic Surveys Race Alishauskene.

Drakakhrust: What was the study of how and when it was carried out?

Alishauskene: This was a survey of adults (18 and older) residents of Belarusian cities. The survey was done on the phone last week. 502 respondents were interviewed. They were asked questions: do they know that there are such films, "The Godfather 1" and "The Godfather 2", where he learned about them if they know about them, as they believe, the truth or falsehood contained in these films.

Drakakhrust: And what are the findings of the study?

The fact that these films are, 35% of adults know the citizens of Belarus

Alishauskene: The survey showed that that these films is, 35% of adults know the citizens of Belarus. This is no small figure.

Of those who said that he knew about these movies, 15% said that they had seen on television both belts, and another 18% of those who know about them, watched on television at least one of these films, and 6% saw either or both movie on the internet, 38% of those who have heard about the "godfathers" of themselves they did not see, but heard about them from friends, relatives, acquaintances, or from someone else who saw them. Finally, about 10% of those who know about the tapes, read about them in other media. In assessments of tapes among those who know about them, opinions were divided. 27% believe that it is shown there is more or less true, 32% think it's more likely a lie.

Drakakhrust: And as knowledge and attitude toward these bands depends on the socio-demographic characteristics?

More about that young people know and to higher education.

Alishauskene: More about that young people know and to higher education. They are the ones who are more interested in political news. And they are more inclined to consider the contents of these tapes true. People over the age of maturity evaluate them critically.

Drakakhrust: As far as I know, this is not the first study carried out in your center of Belarus. In your estimation, as these tapes could influence the attitude of Belarusians to the head of state?

Alishauskene: I think they have not changed this relationship. Those who are critical of the government, believed that in these

Such tapes often confirm the setting that people have.

tapes more truth is affirmed their critical attitude. Those who have a positive attitude toward authority, more likely to consider it a lie. Such tapes often confirm the setting that people have.

I can not confirm that the figures did not ask this question, it is the conclusion to be drawn from my experience.

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