As Independence Day celebrated in regions

20 years ago, the Supreme Soviet of Belarus adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty, which announced a "full sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus, independence and completeness of the government of the republic within its territory, the legitimacy of its laws, the republic's independence in foreign relations."

About how today celebrated Independence Day in the regions of Belarus.


Twenty years of his peers congratulated on Independence Day

Greeting cards for Independence Day

Dvatstsatsigodde declaration of sovereignty of Belarus celebrated today in Mogilev and in district Belynichi.

In twenty years Byalynichy local activists congratulated his peers. About how it happened, said one of the participants in a festive event — Eugene Snowstorm:

"Reminded us to them that we have such a holiday, that twenty years ago, signed the Declaration of Independence, and that they were born in a free country. Gave us their bags, books, booklets," Tell the truth. "And also special issue of" Tell the Truth " . It contains materials two decades ago, which mentioned this event. "

Congratulated the young byalynintsy th edition of the local rayonki "Dawn Over Drutstsyu." In the evening at a local park community activists plan to hold a party dedicated to today's anniversary.

In the regional center with the first anniversary of the Declaration congratulated the city officials and the executive, Youth Union, as well as journalists from state newspapers:

"Gave our books Belarusian poet Vladimir Neklyaeva with his poems, as well as a small greeting card about today's celebration. During this day, a new life for the Belarusians. We want the officials do not forget that date," — said the visit to the city executive committee and executive committee activist "Tell the truth " Ales Paplyka.

After congratulating the officials activists "Tell the Truth" came out of greeting cards in the street Mogilev. Says activist, member of congratulation Oksana Zakrevskaya:

"We are about two thousand postcards handed out and plan to give away more of our city residents, students and young people. 27 July 1990 Belarus has really become an independent country. This day we can safely be considered the beginning of modern Belarus."


Yesterday and today congratulated the residents of Gomel Holiday Cards

On the eve of Gomel police detained activists who were handing out greeting cards on behalf of the Coordinating Council of the United Democratic Forces of Gomel. Among those detained were Basil Polyakov, Yuri Glushakov, Vladimir Nepomnyashchii and journalist Larisa Schiryakova.

Today Vasily Polyakov said, "Freedom" that police detained activists for 2-3 hours. Will there be then to administrative penalties, is still unknown. The interviewee says something about today:

"We planned this action for two days. So even now, greeting cards handed out to passersby. Incidentally, yesterday, the police managed to arrest not all. So we basically their task completed."


White-red-white flag on the streets of the Communist

Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence were marked Belarus in Vitebsk appearance of a white-red-white flag on one of the houses on the street Communist contrary Smolensk fair.

Flag waving in a crowded place, and immediately noticed dozens of passers-by. Vitebsk member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Sergei Kovalenko said that the flag was specifically for today's date:

"The white-red-white flag appeared today in honor of the independence of the Belarusian nation. We declare the action" billowing flag! "To our national flags appeared in all parts of Belarus. And today flag appeared on the release from prison of Oleg Surhan."

Oleg Surhan with his brother Taras

Oleg Surhan, sentenced to 6 months in jail for hanging a white-red-white flag in September last year, just came out today Glubokoe prison. The official reason for his arrest activists — resistance to police during the arrest.

Half a year like-minded people supported Oleg Surhan sheets, and today, along with his brother, Taras Surganov, he was met near the prison. Head of punitive institutions warned that there was no rallies, and told to go home as soon as possible: usually the prisoners are released about 11 hours and, while Oleg Surhan was free as early as half of the 9 th morning.

Democratic activists Vitebsk going to spend this evening meeting on the anniversary of the Declaration of Sovereignty, as well as concert bard George Stankevich. This was told by the chairman of the regional branch of the Party BPF Constantine Smolikau:

"We decided that this format is the least likely could end up bringing to administrative responsibility of those who gather to celebrate the anniversary of the declaration of sovereignty. People will come together to answer the quiz questions, time to the guitar, look at each other" …

Vitebsk community BPF served in the City Council to conduct a citywide celebration, but the government banned it.

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