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Last spring, we wrote about how several major international expeditions are sent to different places to find there traces of the legendary Atlantis, which remains one of the most fascinating mysteries of the history of human civilization. According to legend, she went under the water for 10,000 years before the birth of Christ.

In the world and then there are ancient maps, which are designated non-existent today, islands and continents. The famous British writer and researcher of the unknown Colin Wilson says that is very close to the day when the mystery of Atlantis will be revealed. He decided to become one of the landmark events of the participants and joined another expedition that went in September in search of Atlantis. His recent research has contributed to the optimism of the mysterious and sometimes unfathomable depths of the Mediterranean — the cradle of European civilization.

Now all eyes are on the site of the seabed south of Cyprus, which extends from the island to the Syrian coast, where the unfolding research. It turns out that this territory was flooded when a burst Mediterranean lowland waters of the Atlantic Ocean, made their way through the ancient bridge existed between Gibraltar and North Africa. They flooded the most populated fertile land, of whom remained in Crete, Malta, Corsica and Cyprus, where they find the remains of a truly fantastic civilizations. It is assumed that the area was inhabited by a few people who left of their knowledge of ancient Egypt, whose priests passed from generation to generation, the legend of Atlantis, which is a catastrophic flood destroyed per day.

The event was blamed on the anger of the gods, who decided to punish the Atlanteans for moral corruption and unjust way of life. The story of the lost super-civilization has been living for at least 2,000 years, since it has written about ancient Greek historian and philosopher Plato. In the XIX century, U.S. Congressman Ignatius Donnelly wrote of Atlantis book. He told me that they were the first to invent gunpowder, paper, iron was smelted and engaged in astronomy. Egypt also had their colony, where they tried to civilize the savage tribes, and the mysterious Sphinx of Giza is much older than the age at which he is credited, and was erected by those who are saved by the death of Atlantis. The main evidence of this were the results of the analysis, which showed that traces of erosion on the rock are not caused by sand storms, heavy rains and streams which have not been going here for many millennia. It is assumed that the Sphinx was created in about 7000 BC.

Perhaps someone remembers how in the 60s attracted global interest located near Crete mysterious island of Santorini, where there was also a civilization destroyed by huge volcanic eruption, transformed the island into the sea are filled with grand crater. Santorini, too, was among the contenders for the title of Atlantis, but it did not fit the description of Plato. After the devastating eruption and earthquake happened there recently, while in the legend of Atlantis, it was a much more ancient events.

Some scientists believe that the Mediterranean Sea is quite young and has entered into its current bank at a time when the Ice Age ended and began a rapid warming. Bodies of water began to change shape over the world, resulting in a monstrous flood. In those days, Mediterranean lowland separated from the Atlantic Ocean just a low mountain range.

Mediterranean Atlantis may well have been the cradle and the earliest civilizations of the Middle East. Wilson believes that in the near future they will have impressive data on the submerged near the country of Cyprus. The research vessel will take photographs of the seabed, which should show the ancient buildings. Recently, there were already in the first search, but their results are immediately classified. There may be a question of who now owns the territory of Atlantis, where there are really enormous wealth and priceless archaeological finds. On the part of Atlantis is claimed by both Syria and Lebanon. Worried and Turks traditionally competing with the Greeks. Most likely path of a research vessel, which is sent on an expedition Wilson, will track the naval forces of several countries. According to some reports, the Mediterranean region controlling the U.S. Navy has conducted a number of sections of the scan in an area where, as expected, is an ancient city, and there's something already discovered.


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