Avtukhovich transferred to Ivatsevichy colony


May 6 The Supreme Court sentenced Autuhovich to five years and two months of imprisonment in a penal colony. He was found guilty must be transported and stored five rounds of rifle hunting.

Volkovyssky entrepreneur Autukhovich last night transferred from the prison number 1 in Minsk in Ivatsevichy colony BelaPAN human rights activist Aleh Volchek.

Volcheck believes that the translation Autuhovich to Ivatsevichy significantly complicate the possibility of helping him dentist, as there will not be a specialist. Volcheck not rule out that the reason Avtukhovich could again go on hunger strike.

Recall Avtukhovich a long time to no avail sought medical attention for prosthetics. From 16 to 22 June 2010 he was on hunger strike. As a result, it was admitted Oral Health Specialists.

Earlier, lawyer Autuhovich Paul Sapelka stated that the proper dental care to his client may have only in Minsk. "At the time of treatment Avtukhovich must be in the capital. If it does not, if he will be sent to the colony, the full assistance will not be provided. Avtukhovich then can resume a hunger strike, and I do not rule out that in this case it will be" dry "- Sapelka said.

In turn Volcheck believes that Avtukhovich during a hunger strike not only solves their problems, but the problems of "all who are in prison, which is about 37,000 people."

"Our people are in prison for 10-15 years and often can not get the same medical care, which is necessary for Avtukhovich. Therefore, his hunger strike and is important for them," — said Volcheck.

47-year-old Autukhovich has repeatedly held hunger strikes. One of his hunger strike lasted from April 16 to July 16 2009a. For this time Avtukhovich has lost 35 lbs.



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