Bagdonas: Minsk no NATO Information Center

Future presidential campaign in Belarus will not be easy. This was stated in an interview DELFI Lithuanian Ambassador to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas.

"I think it will be a very difficult time. I know that by law, elections must be held no later than the beginning of February, but when they are in fact, I do not know. Present situation, relations with Russia, statements on the one hand and the other I think that will have an impact on the final outcome of the election. most important that these elections were fair, open and adpavyadavali criteria of the OSCE. "

Edminas Bagdonas regretted that so far there is no in Minsk NATO information center and Belarus does not use the opportunity of the "Eastern Partnership".

"One of the items on our agenda — the NATO Information Center. Eventually, no such item, although in Kiev and in Moscow, they have long been there," — said the Ambassador.

Speaking about the changes occurring after, as Europe has changed his tactics in relation to Belarus, Mr. Bagdonas said:

"You know the conditions and criteria of the EU dialogue with the Belarusian authorities. We are in constant contact with the Belarusian authorities. Come to Belarus and Benita Ferrero-Waldner and Javier Solana, and the prime minister of Italy, was most recently Stefan Fule. Relevant statements were made. In a format that was proposed by Belarus, including and the "Eastern Partnership", unfortunately, the possibility has not been used by Belarus. "



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