Bandiagara plateau. Dogon — magicians from Sirius

Bandiagara plateau — a wonderful and mysterious place in Mali, which is a settlement with the magicians, aliens from Sirius. Amazing style buildings, preservation of traditions, rituals, and most importantly — not numerous legends of the Dogon tribe, are the main differences from everything that you've seen so far!

Watch Bandiagara Plateau. Land of the Dogon.

Here in isolation from everything and everyone lives not numerous Dogon tribe, who honestly believe that their ancestors came to this planet from Sirius, the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major. And the culture of the tribe, and their whole way of life, and all the world has long been closely associated with them their "cosmic" origin. Although, with regards to that way of life of the Dogon, even in the 21st century it is still primitive. They have no electricity or running water, nor any other communications. Dogon build their houses in the old way of clay, so the regular rainy season in Mali natives have to constantly repair and complete construction of the building. One of the most unusual and famous attractions, not only Mali but the entire African continent — is Djenne Mosque, the largest mosque in the world, entirely created from clay.

More or less important rituals in the life of the tribe (weddings, funerals, births) Dogon rituals accompany with unusual masks, dancing in colorful costumes. They are engaged and predictions. For a magical ritual of divination used a sand playground, striated mysterious patterns and symbols. The night before the shaman divination lays on the sand eating, which should serve as bait for the hungry jackals. And the next day he reads jackals following answers to the questions that interest him tribe.

In addition, the shaman, who is elected from among the Dogon men, having crossed the 60-year-old age limit (Sirius also has a 60-year cycle) and thus come closer to the realm of the ancestors, is organizing a sacrifice (in the form of chickens, bulls, rams) and communion with the gods and the world of the dead. Especially revered god of the tribe is Nommo — contortionist to which only in special cases.

Well, now you can not not specifically pointed out an interesting myth (or truth?) About the origin of the Dogon. At all times on this planet and there were a few very mysterious ethnic groups whose heritage artifact and the information still is haunted scientist chelovechesvu. This ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans, Dogon, etc. For all of them characterized by the phenomenon of the sudden appearance of nowhere and no less sudden and rapid disappearance from the Earth to nowhere.

The world community wildly interested in, for example, as the Dogon generally found out about Sirius and even about his companion Sirius B, which then-astronomical science were not aware until the early 19th century. And in the ancient myths of the tribe, the basic science for which were and are the details of the manufacture of ritual masks and houses of clay — here you are. And there is information about Sirius C, whose existence was only supposed to scientists, but has not yet been confirmed.

No less remarkable, and the philosophical concept of the Dogon tribe of the creation of the World. The modified theory about the universal explosion, which can clearly be seen in their myths, says that the Dogon long before scientists knew that before the creation of our planet was egg-shaped form (Dogon call it god Ammo), which were 4 elements: water, earth, air, fire. Then came the explosion, which caused the creation of the world. Just before the Earth was around Sirius, but as the planned explosion (Is not that turned into a dwarf companion star Sirius B?), Ammo, that our planet is not destroyed, moved it closer to the Sun. And after the explosion God inscribed a special sign that describes the history of the universe, and by which it develops relentlessly. And nothing and no one can change the course of events.

These are interesting these Dogon people of the constellation Canis Major (Dog Star). Who are they? Where from? At the moment, scientists, though put forward a different version of the phenomenon, in agreement only on one thing — no one really can not answer, where did this tribe. Some suggest that the Dogon and appeared "out of nowhere". Other anthropologists insist on a version of the Egyptian origination, because they see a lot of similarities in the mythical nuances of the Dogon and the ancient Egyptians, particularly the worship of Sirius and the mention of the man-snake. However, even the first version is much more digestible than the second, not withstanding the sound criticism. After all, modern anthropological science often likes to make one mistake — sum up the origin of the different ethnic groups to some common origin, based on the similarity of their beliefs, mythology and culture. Of course, the interaction of cultures has always been, but it is only a certificate and a consequence of the fact that they are all descended from a long time ago there was a single Pervoznaniya. And the biblical myth of the division of languages and the Tower of Babel — is nothing more than a metaphorical expression of splitting this One Pervoznaniya, and this once again proves that we are on the Dogon know virtually nothing.

So will unravel the mysteries of the Dogon tribe? Alas, this is not known. But the fact that the Dogon have unique secret knowledge, many of which are still not in a hurry to devote alien people, it is an indisputable fact.

Will Solve the mystery of the Dogon tribe is unknown, but the fact that this nation has a unique secret knowledge, some of which still have not committed alien people, it's a fact.



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