Barack Obamas family attacked ghosts

October 28, 2012 2:24

Barack Obama's family attacked ghosts

Barack Obama and his family to interfere with sleep at night ghosts inhabiting the White House. In addition to the president's family live here for at least five ghosts. About phantoms White House "Voice of Russia" told "ghost hunter", the author of books about ghosts Jeff Belandzher.

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama once told of a strange sound coming from the hallway. He woke her and her husband the night. Family members often spoke of a sound like a dull dull blows, repeated with the same interval. They also happen to feel a presence in the room, but apart from them in the room was empty.

In the United States record for most ghosts is the White House. Sure, something supernatural going on at the Presidential Palace, as throughout the history of the house is greeted ghosts. For example, in the rose garden living ghost Dolley Madison, wife of the 4th U.S. President James Madison. The first time she came, when workers wanted to destroy the flower beds, which she broke it. The workers were frightened and ran away. Saved by the ghost of a rose garden there to this day.

Other famous ghosts of the White House — this is Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States (1829 to 1837), Abigail Adams, wife of U.S. President John Adams (from 1797 to 1801), Annie Surratt, the daughter of the infamous Mary Surratt, which was executed in 1865 for taking part in a conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. It also inhabits the famous ghost demonic black cat. His appearance is said to herald disaster of national importance.

The inhabitants of the White House agree that there are otherworldly forces. After all, there must be some explanation for all this sound and feel of one's presence in the safe house America. "Who lives in the White House?" To this question is the answer book of the same name by Jeff Belandzher. He conducted his own investigation, which was allowed to have access to the residence and spoke with everyone who works there.

"Security agents told me that they saw people in red British uniforms, who stood in the courtyard of the north wing. Others said they saw President Lincoln in his bedroom on the second floor, "- said Belandzher of his conversation with security agents.

The White House is stuffed with the most modern surveillance. Where there are no cameras, such as the Obama family in the rooms, round the clock security agents are. Anything from them impossible to hide and hide.

"In 1814, the British captured Washington and burned down the presidential residence, which explains the appearance of ghost soldiers in red uniforms. The British looted the building and set it on fire. After that, the house was like a blank white box. Until now, the wall of the building survived two tracks in the memory of the events of 1814. Just one by the window of the north wing, and the other near the window in the south wall. And it seems that the ghosts of the British left as a memory of those tragic events, "- explains Jeff Belandzher phenomenon.

The most famous ghost of Abraham Lincoln repeatedly met with residents and politicians at home, guests here. Perhaps a meeting with this ghost is the most frequent.

"The duties of the chief master teller White House Tony Savoy is the duty include the morning light on the second floor, which housed the family of the president. To get an upper floor, you need a special invitation to members of the family only exception is for staff and for those who came on very important matters. One day, when Tony went Savoy include light, he saw a ghost sitting in Lincoln. Savoy could not even describe what was wearing a ghost. Then, as he told the master, President Lincoln turned his head towards him and disappeared, "- told the story Belandzher" dating "Tony Savoy with phantom Lincoln.

How awful and would have been afraid of any ghost stories, they have never harmed nobody. Yes, they scare and forced once again start in his sleep, but they are in the White House for a reason. Some try to remind yourself and others — to warn of the danger.

"I think that he (Lincoln) here for us. We need him. He's a major political figure, and most likely he's here to help, "- says Belandzher.

According to Jeff Belandzhera, there is a difference between the ghosts, for example, the British Army and Lincoln, just wandering around the building. The British, it is only a "residual" ghosts, they are here to remember the past. A Lincoln, on the contrary, intelligent ghost. It can communicate with people. Maybe he's here to give advice to the incumbent.

Soon the U.S. presidential election, and the last thing Barack Obama needs now is annoying ghosts that will open the door, then knock on the wall. There is every reason to believe that the phantom of Lincoln, giving the Presidents' Council is here to stay and it will continue to help the next owners of the house.

— Obama won the latest round of debate at Romney

The U.S. is now experiencing hard times, and these ghosts, that memory, they cause the events at the White House, we have to show — which way is America's past and what lies ahead of her.

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