Baykova complains about his health

Health deteriorated effect for particularly important cases of the General Prosecutor's Office Svetlana Baykova that five months in the KGB detention center.

This is "Radio Liberty" said her lawyer Michael Volcheck:

"Heavy in her situation worsened all diseases, and that used to be, and more. Negatively affect the health of the hunger strike and that she held 16 days. Previously, she was more mobile."

Svetlana Baykova never been hospitalized for all the time stay in the "American." Administration of the institution sends her only medical assistant who makes the necessary analyzes.

The ex-husband Baykova Dmitry Patsyna gives her medication. The other day he received a letter from Svetlana.

"The relationship there is to disregard it, no one does not need anything" — described the state Baykova in the isolation of her ex-husband.

Lawyer Michael Volcheck going to visit Svetlana Baykova the next Friday or Monday due to the poor state of her health. According to Volchek yet unknown when the investigation is.

Investigation Prosecution Svetlana Baykova was arrested by the KGB on February 25. The criminal case against her chairman of the KGB Vadim Zaytsev started a day earlier.

Baykova accused of illegal dismissal of criminal liability and misuse of power.

May 31 Baykova hunger strike protest. She stopped the hunger strike on June 16 to the demands of doctors, relatives and counsel.

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