BCD activist Ales Halavan fined 875,000 rubles

The sentence Vitebsk activist received a mail. But the agenda on the process, he said, he did not receive

District Court Judge Pershamaiski Valentine Kismyaroshkina recognized Ales Halavan guilty under Article 22.9 of administrative and activist sentenced a fine of 25 basic units for the illegal distribution of printed materials.

The event, which has become the subject of litigation occurred on May 4. As the Ales Halavan, He was detained on Prospect Builders, where he handed out to passers-publication produced by the BCD. In the first Pervomay police department did not make the protocol, as the police noticed that the ballots "Bulletin" and "Belarusian Christian Democracy" have the necessary output. Nevertheless printed materials at the activist took — ostensibly to study the content.

On June 8, learned, that the protocol for the illegal distribution of printed products still made and even to court. Agenda, says Ales Halavan, over the month and a half due to it and were not given. So visit the postman who delivered the judgment, was a surprise.

To judicial activist created BCD not only has to pay 875,000 fine all editions seized at the site, police announced confiscated and not returned them to the owner.


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