Bearing properties of the wing aircraft Frigate Ekodzhet checked in TsAGI

Scientists separation aerodynamics of aircraft and missiles TSAGI completed another phase of testing a promising model aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet." Work was done on the order of "Russian Aviation Consortium." The experiment demonstrated the possibility of achieving the stated calculated level of aerodynamic efficiency, and also confirmed the high level of load-bearing properties of the wing at takeoff and landing. This research made it possible to determine the possible reserves for improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft of the future "Frigate Ekodzhet."

 TsAGI specialists examined the "Frigate Ekodzhet" at cruising and takeoff and landing in the transonic tunnel T-106 TsAGI. Also on cruising angle of attack was performed by flow visualization of oil paints. Under the action of the air flow flowing through the oil surface, leaving a trail of ink along the current line and accumulated in the areas of flow separation. The use of oils of different colors allows us to trace flow of air from one surface to the other model, which gives an idea of the nature of the various elements of the flow of aircraft. "Frigate Ekodzhet" is designed to carry 300 passengers in the near and medium range (1900-4500 km) at a cruising speed of 850 km / h The basis of the new concept and principle of perspective is the use of an aircraft fuselage oval shaped (in cross section) with a three-pass arrangement. This form is intended to provide increased passenger comfort, the press service of the TsAGI.

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