Because of the large American neighbor had to fly standing


. Arthur Berkowitz, a resident of the United States, flying US Airways flight from Alaska to Philadelphia, was forced to stand for the entire flight because his neighbor was obese people.

The incident took place in July 2011, but was made public only now. According to the passenger, his neighbor on the plane, which weighed more than 180 pounds, does not fit in one seat, and part of his body was in place Berkowitz, so sit on it was impossible.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the plane was not a single empty seat, and the duration of the flight was about seven hours. According to Berkowitz, flight attendants were sympathetic to the situation and said that the airline employee who has worked at the exit of passengers on landing, made a mistake. Nevertheless, they are in no way able to help him, and he was forced to fly standing up.

According to Berkowitz, the biggest inconvenience is not delivered to him, and that in such a situation his safety was not ensured, as he could not fasten your seat belt. After this flight, Berkowitz US Airways wrote in a letter of complaint. The airline apologized for the incident and offered him a $ 200 refund of the ticket price.

The passenger was not satisfied with the proposal, because in his reply said nothing about the violation of its safety during flight and a ticket from Alaska to Philadelphia, he paid more than $ 800. The problem of overweight passengers is quite a long time.

Due to the numerous complaints of some the world's largest airlines, including Air France and United Airlines, have introduced a rule that obese passengers must buy two tickets for the flight, if the vacant seats in the plane there.

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