Began construction of the dome of the Cathedral of Michael the Archangel (Arkhangelsk)

The specialists of "Grant"(Volgodonsk) have started to assemble the frame for the dome of one of the four bell towers of the cathedral." As the chief architect of Dmitry Yaskorsky, assembly design is made on the construction site of the temple. Later frame is lined with a metal coating.

"Now the work is carried out in a test mode, — said Dmitry Yaskorsky — fully builders will start work after getting the first frame in the belfry."


Preparations for the construction of Archangel Michael Cathedral in Arkhangelsk was launched in 2005 with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II. November 21, 2008 Bishop Tikhon of Arkhangelsk and Kholmogorsky blessed the foundation stone at the base of the construction of the cathedral. Zero cycle work was completed in the autumn of 2010. Since February 2011 began actively building the walls. Then the blessing of Bishop Daniel in the project have made adjustments. According to the final version of the new church should hold up to three thousand people.

Cathedral of Archangel Michael Archangel becomes an ornament, but also provide new opportunities for spiritual and moral education and social service. At its base will operate a Sunday school, a library, a hall for cultural and educational events, a mother and child welfare service, youth clubs and more. In other words, the cathedral is a factor not only spiritual, but also the social life of the city.

Construction of Archangel Michael's Cathedral is all the world — on the donations of businesses, organizations and residents.

Donations are accepted for the construction of the cathedral in the chapel of the Archangel Michael in Arkhangelsk on the area of Trade Unions or the account of the fund "Archangel Michael Cathedral. "

Recipient: Local Orthodox religious organization — the arrival of Archangel Michael Cathedral in Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk Kholmogorsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Legal and postal address:

163002 Arkhangelsk, Illinska d.5.

Tel.: 8 (931) 413-30-80,

Tel. / Fax: 8 (8182) 68-07-73

INN 2901101086 KPP 290110108

Primary State Registration Number 1032902531485

Bank: BSB number 8637 Arkhangelsk Arkhangelsk

BIC 041117601

R / C 40703810404000000899

K / 30101810100000000601

Purpose of payment: donation.

Details of the fund:

Receiver: Non-profit organization Foundation "Archangel Michael Cathedral. "

Send to: 163002 Arkhangelsk, Illinska d.5.

INN 2901134885 KPP 290134001


Bank: Branch of SZRU "MInB"Arkhangelsk

BIC 041117748

K / 30101810500000000748

R / C 40703810300320000587

Purpose of payment: donation for the construction of Archangel Michael Cathedral

Bank Address: 163000, Arkhangelsk, st. Pomeranian d.7.

Bank INN 7725039953

CPR Bank 290102001

BIN Bank 1027739179160

Press service of the Arkhangelsk diocese

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