Began tactical exercise of the aerospace defense Russia

In Russia today began tactical exercise of the aerospace defense.

According to ITAR-TASS spokesman Dmitry Zenin troops ASD, they are involved management teams defense, anti-aircraft missile regiments and radio units responsible for the air defense of Moscow and the central region of the country. "Just exercise will involve about 800 personnel and more than 100 pieces of equipment," — said Zenin.

Combat training will last until the end of July and will take place in three stages.
"For two days Valdai Solnechnogorsky and anti-aircraft missile regiment at home station to be using anti-aircraft missile system S-300 PM" Favorite "reflect conditional massive missile and air strikes, to march and destroy commando group — said Zenin. — The second stage includes the relocation of machinery and electronic units regiments in new position area for a combat mission. At the final stage, from 19 to 25 July, the shelves at the Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan Region will perform live fire and reflect simulated enemy air raid, "destroying" his electronic launches. "

Feature exercises representative ASD called "simulated real combat conditions using a conventional enemy air and space attack."

"Divisions of compounds defense aerospace defense troops will step up combat duty for the protection of airspace boundaries of the protected area, to march into the new position area for a combat mission — said Zenin. — Radio control units provide air situation, target tracking and target designation anti-aircraft missile units. " Newest to destroy high-rise, low-altitude and ballistic targets at all altitudes and speeds means the C-300 "Favorite" in a complex interference environment.

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