Began testing speech universal remote

Speereo company prepares for mass production of a universal voice control. 

  • Speereo Voice control compared with push-button remote control
  • Speereo Voice control compared with push-button remote control

The basic idea — to replace the complicated interface to home appliances speech commands. 

The design of the control received a patent. 

Remote casing is made of painted inside polycarbonate, resistant to scratches and mechanical damage. The control is equipped with a single button for voice commands and touchpad for simple commands like change channels up and down, or turning the volume control. You can control all appliances, including PCs and tablets with IR or wifi management. Remote replaces all "native" consoles that are already in great numbers scattered throughout our living quarters. The control is equipped with high-quality built-in microphone and speaker. 

Setting the remote comes with a web interface where you can download the completed sets of codes to their technique, reassign their own speech commands to create your own unique set. Supported input codes with the "native" button and macros (multiple codes at once and even for multiple devices). 

To operate the remote requires wi-fi internet connection. Cost — in the middle range of universal remotes. 

Supports Russian and English.

In addition to the universal remote company is preparing a series of web services that will significantly expand the capabilities of the device. For example topical search programs on all channels, mute commercials, media servers, and management software installed on a home PC. 

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