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2010 was largely a landmark to speed up efforts to modernize the Air Force Russia. Although the most significant moment was the start of flight testing in January 2010, the first prototype of the Russian fifth generation fighter T-50. However, at the same time in 2010, indicated by the first real results on top of the new Russian Air Force re-serial aircraft. Were started in the actual delivery of the Russian Air Force built a new production aircraft Su-34, Su-30M2, Sioux 27SM3 and Yak-130 and helicopters The Ka-52 and "ANSAT-U", and significantly increased the pace of series production for the Russian Armed Forces helicopters Mi-28N and The Mi-8. As a result, for the first time since 1992, the Russian Air Force received a significant number of new military equipment production (Except for the supply of Air Force in 2008-2010 MiG-29SMT/UBT 34 fighters, which declined from Algeria).

Su-34. In 2010, the Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association (NAPO) built and delivered the first four Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-34 signed on in December 2008, the five-year contract with the Ministry of Defense of Russia by "dry" for the construction of 32 of these aircraft (valued at 33.6 billion rub.). Aircraft with tail number from "06 red" to "09 red" were transferred to the Air Force in December 2010, has already flown on December 28, in the 4th Center for Combat Use and retraining of pilots of the Air Force in Lipetsk. It is expected that in the future in 2011, these four aircraft will be transferred from Lipetsk Air Base in the Baltimore near Voronezh, which will begin the replacement process based there Su-24M.

This is the first drill production Su-34 Russian Air Force. Earlier in 2006-2009 NAPO built for the Air Force five first production Su-34 (hull numbers with "01 red" to "05 red"), three of which ("02", "04" and "05") are also Lipetsk, and two ("01" and "03"), together with four flight of the prototype used for the final stage of state joint tests in the State Flight Test Center in Akhtubinsk. In August 2008, at least one Su-34 of the said first series has been successfully used in an armed conflict with Georgia.

Although the serial production of the Su-34 NAPO had difficulties, however, seems to have, to date, they are at least partially overcome, and it is expected that the rate of production of the Su-34 and the contract will increase in 2008 to 32 cars will be made in time . It is expected that in 2011, NAPO will deliver a minimum of six Air Force Sukhoi Su-34 in 2012 and 2013 — for 10-12 aircraft per year.

Su-30M2 and Su-27SM3. In 2010, the Russian Air Force began receiving aircraft production Komsomolsk-on-Amur Production Association (KNAAPO) for another contract of the Ministry of Defense of Russia with "dry". Under the contract, worth 80 billion rubles. Signed in August 2009, to be delivered 64 new fighter construction — 48 Su-35s, 12 Su-27SM3 and four Su-30M2, and they should be made to KNAAPO. Delivery of the first Air Force Sukhoi Su-35s are expected in 2011, but four double Su-30M2 were commissioned in the autumn of 2010. Two of them are left to KNAAPO for training future pilots of the Su-35s and two Su-30M2 in December, flew into the air base in Krymsk in the North Caucasus.

As part of the same air base in Krymsk in February 2011 received the first four fighters Su-new construction 27SM3 taken the Air Force in December (hull numbers with "Red 51" to "54 red"). Earlier, the Russian Air Force modernized in 2003-2009 55 of its front-line fighters Su-27 variant of the Su-27SM. In contrast, the Su-27SM, Su-27SM3 new aircraft are new construction (made on the basis of reserve Su-27SK, previously destined for delivery in the form of assembly kits in China). Su-board equipment 27SM3 undergone regular upgrades, and these aircraft are capable of using the new missiles RVV-SD class "air-to-air" mid-range, and have a "glass cockpit." It is expected that the remaining eight Su-27SM3 contracted in 2009 will be made in 2011, and also go to Krymsk.

Yak-130. In early 2010, Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft building plant "Sokol" has transferred the first four Russian Air Force jet training planes Yak-130 ordered by the head of the party's 12 cars. This marks an important step in the development of the Yak-130 program, started two decades ago. The first four aircraft (tail number to the "white 90" to "93 White") came in 4th in the center of Lipetsk. Anticipated by the end of the year to hand over the remaining eight aircraft on this contract, but the situation changed a plane crash "93" in Lipetsk, May 29, 2010. After that, all the flights made by serial Yak-130 have been discontinued and not resumed until the end of 2010. Delivery of the remaining eight machines are not made, and apparently moved to 2011. It is assumed that these will be the first eight aircraft that entered service in Krasnodar branch of the Military Training Research Center Air Force "Air Force Academy" for training of pilots.

In addition, in 2010 the Russian Air Force received the last three MiG-29 SMT (out of 28 MiG-29 SMT and MiG-29 UBT six abandoned by Algeria), as well as two newly built passenger aircraft — Ilyushin Il-62M (registration RA-86495 ) and Tu-154 (RA-85155).

Mi-28N. 2010 was a record year for production of combat helicopters Mi-28N. During the year, the plant "Rostvertol" in Rostov-on-Don was built and delivered 15 Russian Air Force Mi-28N. Thus, the Mi-28N was the first really more or less a new place large-scale model aircraft military equipment in Russia in the post-Soviet period.

According to a nine-year contract for the construction of 67 Mi-28N, signed by the Ministry of Defence of Russia in 2005, "Rostvertol" in 2005-2007, built the first seven pre-series helicopters (hull numbers with the "Yellow 32" to "38 yellow") used only for testing . In 2008, the Russian Air Force received the first four serial helicopter (hull numbers with the "
Yellow 41" to "44 yellow") received by the Center deployment and retraining crews in Torzhok. In 2009, "Rostvertol" has produced 12 aircraft (tail number with the "Blue 01" to "12 Blue"), are fielding combat squadron in the Air Base in Budennovsk in the North Caucasus, where they replace the Mi-24 helicopters.

In 2010, "Rostvertol" has already built 15 new Mi-28N, bringing the number of constructed under contract in 2005 to 38 units. Of the 15 new-built helicopters for at least four (board room with the "Blue 14" to "17 Blue") has received an air base in Budennovsk, and the rest began to arrive in the autumn to replace the Mi-24 for service Korenovsk airbase in the North Caucasus. Helicopters for Korenovska have white numbers beginning with "01." In fact, until the completion of training of personnel of Korenovska Torzhok Korenovska designed for helicopters Mi-28N (in 2010 they had received eight) are in Budennovsk.

Taken in 2010, the rate of production of Mi-28N will continue for the next few years. In autumn 2010, the Russian Defense Ministry has signed a contract to supply him until 2015 for another 30 Mi-28N, bringing the number of ordered vehicles to 97. It can be expected that in 2011 and 2012, "Rostvertol" will be produced annually by 14-15 Mi-28N is under contract in 2005, and in 2013 and 2014 — by 15 helicopters per year contract in 2010. In addition, it is known that by the summer of 2011 under a separate contract will be restored helicopter with the number "43 yellow" that crashed in 2009.

The Ka-52. In 2010, the Russian Air Force began receiving the first production helicopter Ka-52 production of "Progress" in Arsenyev. Four of these helicopters (without board rooms) were transferred in December to the Center deployment and retraining crews in Torzhok. Earlier in 2008, the "Progress" produced two prototypes of the Ka-52 (tail number "062 yellow" and "yellow 063"), and in 2009 — three pre-production helicopter (hull numbers with the "Yellow 51" to "53 yellow") . They are used for testing.

Delivered in 2010, four Ka-52 helicopters were first constructed by the Russian Ministry of Defence signed at the end of 2009 the contract included the construction of 36 Ka-52. It is reported that in 2011, "Progress" must pass the Air Force has 10 production helicopters Ka-52 and, apparently, will maintain this pace of production in 2012-2013. It is expected that in 2011, the Ka-52 new construction will go on Chernigovka air base in the Far East.

"ANSAT-U". In autumn 2010 Syzransky branch of the Military Training Research Center Air Force "Air Force Academy" has received a total of seven new light training helicopters "ANSAT-U" produced by the Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHP). In total contract 2009-2010, the Russian Defense Ministry has ordered 10 of the first mass-produced helicopter "ANSAT-U" total cost of 980 million rubles. Six of these helicopters were built LSC in 2009, and three of them by the summer of 2010 were transferred to the Center of the deployment and retraining crews in Torzhok, and three in October 2010 in Sizran. In 2010, the LSC has produced and delivered at the end of the year in Sizran four helicopters "ANSAT-U." It is planned that the production and supply "ANSAT-U" for Syzransky training center will continue in 2011.

The Mi-8. In 2010 carried out a rapid build-up of procurement for the armed forces of Russia and the multi-purpose transport helicopters Mi-8 series of modern versions produced by Kazan Helicopters and Ulan-Uda aircraft factory. According to the known data, the Ministry of Defense of Russia with the two plants in 2010 was delivered 34 helicopters Mi-8 series in different versions. Of these, 22 were transport and combat helicopters Mi-8AMTSh, built in Ulan-Ude, a contract worth 4.18 billion rubles. Issued by the Ministry of Defence in February 2010. These Mi-8AMTSh entered service airbases in Budennovsk and Korenovsk (the latter a ten helicopters in December). The rest of the series helicopters Mi-8 (Mi-8AMT and Mi-8 MTV) were delivered to various parts of the Russian Air Force — so, it is known that four new Mi-8 MTV production LSC for use as teaching the summer of 2010 were put in Syzransky branch of the Military Training Research the center of the Air Force, "Air Force Academy."

Only in this way, according to our data, in 2010 the Russian Ministry of Defense of the Russian aviation industry was eventually delivered 21 aircraft (four Su-34, four Su-30M2, four Su-27SM3, three MiG-29 SMT, four Yak-130, one Il-62M and one Tu-154M) and 57 helicopters (15 Mi-28N, Ka-52 four, four "ANSAT-U" series and 34 Mi-8). In all cases considered only production machines, without the construction of prototypes.

According to our forecasts, it is expected that in 2011 the Ministry of Defense of Russia receives from the industry for at least 28 aircraft (two Su-35s, six Su-34, Su-27SM3 eight, eight Yak-130, Tu-214ON one, two Tu-154M , one An-140-100) and more than 100 helicopters (15 Mi-28N, 10 Ka-52, two Mi-35, Mi-26, one, six 'ANSAT-U ", six Ka-226, a series of 60 Mi- 8 different models). The planned volume of purchases by Moscow helicopters are an unprecedented since the Soviet participation in the war in Afghanistan.

Mikhail Barabanov

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