Begin build luxury sedans LADA GRANTA


AvtoVAZ has put on the conveyor belt "rich" sedan Lada Granta. Car in the top configuration is different from other other packages equip the presence of the automatic transmission and multimedia system. If the automatic transmission on the "Lada" is not that the news is about the new "radios" is worth to say.

The multimedia system includes a seven-inch touch screen and is able to play multiple formats of audio files, photos, and videos. In addition, there is a function in the car hands free.

Until the end of August will be collected about 100 "luxury" cars Lada Granta. The cost of "rich" bundling is not reported.

In addition, in the near future will offer two versions of AvtoVAZ Lada Granta in the embodiment of the "norm." The first version will be equipped with ABS and air conditioning (334.7 thousand), and the second — the given option to complement the automatic transmission (373.2 thousand).

Lada Granta

It is planned that the Lada Granta, serial assembly which began in Togliatti 29 November 2011, will replace the "classic" model of AvtoVAZ, sedans Samara and Kalina. Granta Kalina created on the platform with the participation of the alliance Renault-Nissan. In the future, the alliance can produce cars of its brands in the Russian market on the basis of the model Granta.

Given the site IzhAuto, where they collect brand new Granta since late July, AvtoVAZ could in 2012 to collect about 150 thousand cars Granta. But in a factory in the capital of Udmurtia plan for the remaining six months to collect 27 thousand cars Lada Granta, ie more than 50% of the total production plans of enterprises in 2012.

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