Beginners farmers Krasnoyarsk awarded certificates for a total of 55.7 million rubles.

Prime Minister Viktor Tomenko and Minister of Agriculture and Food Policy Leonid Shorohov presented certificates to beginning farmers — the winners of the competitive selection process for the provision of grants for the creation and development of peasant farming.

Recall that in the 2012 Federation announced two new measures to support farmers' movement — grants to support family farms and livestock grants to support beginning farmers. Activities implemented in co-financing with the regions. Awarding of the winners of 2013 to the first direction (family livestock farms) was held at the end of June. To help the farmers who want to develop animal husbandry, was provided to more than 46 million rubles, of which 32 million — funds of the regional budget.

Today certificates for government support beginning farmers received 36 of the 20 districts of the province. Most of them also plan to engage in animal husbandry. The grants reached half a million rubles.


Compared to last year, the total amount of state support for beginning farmers has increased substantially. If in 2012, funds were allocated in the amount of 34 million 308 thousand rubles, of which 18 million 526 thousand rubles from the regional budget in the current year provided 55 million 715 thousand rubles. Of these, 43 million 158 thousand rubles — the regional budget.

"The new trend of support has caused great interest among the inhabitants of the region, — said Victor stated. — Suffice it to say that last year, applicants for public assistance were 57 of the 29 districts of the province. This year has already claimed 115 applicants from 37 districts. Therefore decided marginal increase funding over the last year more than doubled. "

The head of the regional government also said that the grants — not only reward, but also the responsibility, "Support is provided free of charge, but control over the expenditure of the funds will be serious. Necessary as a responsible approach to spending. On how successful projects will be implemented, depends on further funding for farm programs. "

Leonid Shorohov noted the important role of small-scale farming, including farmers in the development of agriculture and the social life of the village. The minister said that in the past year as a result of selection right for the state received five farmers from Birilyussy district. This area does not differ developed agricultural sector, but due to the active position of the head of the district, the interest people, now there are some new small industries.

This year among the winners — the beginning of farmers and Bolsheuluyskogo Birilyussy areas where there will be from five farms. On two farms will be operational in Tyukhtet and Bogotol areas.

"The emergence of new farms will give impetus to the development of agricultural production in these areas. This is very important for us. Share of active people, among others, is not that great, but they lead the others, create preconditions for the improvement of the situation on the ground" — said Leonid Shorohov
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