Beginning of the final tests of the new armored car for the Russian Armed Forces Wolf

Feb. 14 at the site of Nizhny Novgorod beginning of the final tests of the new armored car for the Russian Armed Forces "Wolf" (MIC-3927), developed by OOO "Military Engineering Center" . "The Wolf" — a modular vehicle, which is developed on the basis of a whole family of cars. According to a press statement, the leading designer series cars "Wolf" Alex Kol'chugin, depending on the configuration, these cars can have a general military purpose, and the specializations for the different needs of special forces for sabotage operations. On the armored car can be found heavy small arms and light artillery weapons. In addition, the machine is equipped with a special system gidropodveski to regulate the clearance, as well as an on-board computer that controls the operation of all systems, and even the ability to correct driver errors. For example, it will not allow the car to start in cold weather, if not previously included a special heater for the engine.

It is assumed that the "Wolf" will be equipped with several types of swap bodies, intended for the transport of persons, and for the transportation of cargo. Book your cabin double layer — a steel and ceramic. Booking a Class 6A, providing protection against all major types of small arms, including — from armor-piercing bullets and shrapnel SVD artillery shells. It is also possible to use add-on armor, and mounting and dismounting can be its own crew without using special tools and fixtures. The highlight of the design is the original anti-mine protection: the bottom of the "Wolf" closed broneliste special shape that allows divert and dissipate the shock wave, but due to the special fastening seat in the event of undermining the impact force is not transmitted to the crew. The machine has a capacity of 2.5 tons after completion of the test car for 2011 will be finalized and officially transferred to the Ministry of Defense. Also, this year will decide on a new car deliveries to the troops.

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