Behind the scenes of a conspiracy

Behind the scenes of a conspiracySome declassified documents about the events on December 19
The assault has caused resentment of the Government House in Belarusian society. The background of these events is known: foreign think tanks formed and funded a certain structure of the radical orientation. They tried to overthrow the legitimate government and to impose on society their understanding of "democracy." Now these events are interpreted differently. Public opinion is imposed absurd. Hard hammer that area came exclusively peaceful-minded citizens, who wanted only to "know the results of the last election." It is said that there is no organizing principle did not exist, that it all happened by accident.

Those who dishonestly interprets the events, and reminiscent of the arrival in Minsk foreign ministers of Poland and Germany, their offers "good pay" for "the validity of the election." Loud are calls such aggressive politicians as Frau Beck, Mr Buzek, who vehemently demand for Belarus of unimaginable car.

Everyone knows that the foreign policy pursued by the top leadership of Belarus, is extremely user-friendly nature, focused only on the development of good neighborly relations with all countries, and internal — provides a stable and progressive development of the Belarusian society. Uniqueness and effectiveness of the Belarusian model today to admit even the most ardent opponents of the government, both in Belarus and abroad.

But the fact of the existence of such an independent state, which builds a policy based on its national interests, causes a sharp irritation by some foreign forces seeking its own interests are not covered by the influence of post-Soviet states, to which in the current environment is the Republic of Belarus.

The reason for such attention and interest of foreign political consultants to our country is obvious.

It is due not primarily problems of "democracy" and exceptional geopolitical importance of the country in Eurasia.

The desire of some foreign forces of the West look down to the East is not in itself new. This desire manifested itself in before long "crusade" of the West to the East and the relatively recent «Drangen nach Osten» during the Second World War. But times have changed. Military intervention in the country to overthrow the regime no longer gives a "positive" result. For service to take a different strategy — inspiring managed externally internal conflicts. Obvious examples of this strategy are the so-called "Color revolutions" in some post-Soviet countries.

For years, attempts to implement this strategy in Belarus.

But despite the sophistication and refinement of methods of impact tools such as economic pressure, intimidation, the introduction of various kinds of sanctions and restrictions, Belarus remains in their own interests and continues to implement policies in line with national interests, including through participation in the various proposed West projects, the central of which is now the EU initiative "Eastern Partnership".

It should be stated that this program, constitute, in essence, a shell that can be filled with any content, depending on the current situation, is immediately taken up by the forces seeking to use the process to improve Belarus-EU relations in their own selfish purposes. An attempt was made to use the "Eastern Partnership" to curtail cooperation between Belarus and Russia and finally turn the republic into a kind of buffer between Russia and the EU (in fact — a cordon sanitaire), and the transformation of the Republic into a source of cheap resources, including labor, and marketing EU production.

No wonder one of Western politicians to communicate with his supporters in November 2009, said that "Belarus — is a place where you can still grab something."

It is hardly a coincidence that the main tenets of the officially declared the "Eastern Partnership" is the best suited for implementing the strategy of "democratization" of Belarus: good governance and stability, economic integration with the European political process, energy stability and the establishment of international and inter-personal relationships and Finally, and most importantly — the "development of democracy."


Information for consideration

Developer of the explanatory note of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" (the GC GP) A.Feduty on progress made in the development of CC Inc.:

"V.Neklyaev — representative of the so-called intellectuals. Has a certain charisma, a long time does not participate in political processes. Do not associate people with a way of radical opposition, being better known as a poet.

His weaknesses can also be used by us. In the past, in fact alcoholic disease (many artists). At the conclusion of our experts, this creates the conditions for the formation of a super-idea of his election, meant to run higher mission. We also have it essential to empower compromising at any stage of the project.

Believe it appropriate to use the nomination as the main face of the campaign. Earlier proposed candidate can be promoted in parallel as a backup. "


Today, law enforcement agencies are known for certain circumstances the meeting in a cafe in Brussels, where the staff of foreign intelligence M., K. and C. instruct the head of "Tell the Truth."

It is now the former presidential candidate, bitterly regretted what he had done: "I was used as a g …. n" — and then this parting words he was very excited.

From the outset of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", completely subordinate to the will of the international "curators", was regarded as a "back-term project" oriented not to win the presidential election and the subsequent "change the situation in the country" and in the parliamentary elections in 2012

In the original text of recommendations from international donors for the Directorate (leadership) of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" provides a number of tactical units, including:

"Distancing" futile opposition "represented" democratic "political parties;

V.Neklyaeva task after the elections — in part to occupy a niche Milinkevich, it does not carry with it any negotiation;

avoid a situation in which V.Neklyaev become "one."

V.Neklyaev repeatedly stated in his inner circle that he had to "graceful exit from the race" in order to "stay politician." He was serious about participating in the elections to the Parliament in 2012, and along with Milinkevich saw myself at this time as a "leader of the largest opposition party."

Money for all the West does not regret … is indicative of the financing scheme with the opposition of the Internet resource as Charter'97. This site is known for it was carried through the campaign for the candidate Sannikov. No one even tried to hide the bias of the resource. Financial support of his work involved the notorious O.Bebenin. Here is the chronicle of a few months of its activities:

Behind the scenes of a conspiracy

— Employee "Helsinki Group USA" Catherine Fitzpatrick gives him a grant of 211,000 dollars;

— International Fund for "Frontline" to "ensuring the smooth operation of the site" highlights Byabenin 6000 euros;

— The organization "Alliance of Liberals and Democrats" For Europe "lists in support of the Charter'97 26.5 thousand euros;

— Norwegian Helsinki Committee sends 98,000 dollars.

This is only a small part of the funds (it is a few months) that with the filing of foreign intelligence services were given to the needs of Sannikov different foundations and organizations to carry out an information campaign of alternative candidates. And this is not no charity, is a political demand deposits …

To create the notorious television picture, which has a special place in the scenarios of "color revolutions", the following technology. Emotionally heated, led a crowd of young people trained to take on the attack influential government agency gets inside, smashing things and posts the winning flags. In real time it airs on TV, and correspondents give reports that "democracy won" and power was transferred to a new political class. The news was immediately picked up by all the communications, for an hour or two events considered relevant diplomatic mission as an accomplished fact, and it is an official recognition of the new winners. It is believed that this process back unscrew impossible. So it was in Serbia and other countries where the technology of "color revolutions" ended up the winner.

Events on the Square. Independence suggested that several hundred television journalists arrived in Minsk from abroad just for this picture. At the polling stations they did not appear, but, as a team, accompanied candidates (Nyaklyaeu, Statkevich, Sannikov) and stood on the steps of Government House, waiting for the start of filming … Surprisingly, in their numbers were few ordinary reporters. Among those who had to give the picture was, for example, the head of the news broadcasts of Russian Channel Anton Vernitsky. Star of "crisis report" came from Warsaw, Berlin and other European capitals. Most of them were familiar with the joint actions in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova. Such close and specific media attention to the Belarusian elections suggests that the electoral process itself of little interest. Biased press coverage of concert came another "color revolution", though seemingly no preconditions for that Belarus was not visible and Western policy is publicly acknowledged.

The facts and the available documents that have been confirmed the logic of events of December 19, according to the following.

Around the beginning of 2009, analysts Western intelligence agencies (mainly Poland and Germany), to closely monitor political developments in Belarus, came to show solidarity opinion and informed his government of the urgent need to adjust the existing approaches towards Minsk. In particular, it was recognized that the constant confrontation, hypocrisy and dishonesty of the "traditional" leaders of the Belarusian political parties and movements led them to completely discredited in the eyes of public opinion. The system, which was created by a former head of the German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND) Vic, who in Belarus legendirovannuyu network, which in official documents called the "united opposition", collapsed due to differently oriented interests of its leaders. This was primarily due to the fact that the "common candidate" from the democratic forces Milinkevich was caught in a candid lobbying vneshnediplomaticheskih Polish interests, the free spending of allocated funds and fraud related to the activities of his wife I.Kuley. Largely discredited and long candidate for leadership Lebedko, who became party to a number of scandals, including those of a financial nature. Analysts Polish and German intelligence agencies also noted the following fact. Intrigue and public scandals in BNF led to the total decline in the authority of the opposition party. Recorded the actual breakup and atomization of the largest opposition party BSDPG. It was noted that in the parliamentary elections, despite all the efforts made by Western political and financial centers, the opposition was able to hold the authorities no deputy. In its digital communications analysts noted that it is not in "pressure of power" and not fraud. Notes the organizational weakness of the opposition, the theft of amounts allocated for this work, a complete rupture of opposition politicians and activists with the electorate. Analysts encourage their governments to go beyond "cosmetic", and radically change the picture. It was intended to take exhaustive measures, particularly an almost new opposition environment. According to the concept of special services and they control funds operating under the cover of cultural organizations, to plan the next job. 1) Determine in Belarus, people familiar with the modern political technology with practical experience in major campaigns. 2) to engage them in the negotiations, in the process, to engage in cooperation. 3) To invite these individuals to plan a sequence of actions. 4) Prepare estimated total funding for the program. Further along in techniques recommended carrying out recruitment and training of activists involved in the new project. The leaders of the "Tell the Truth" after careful review suggest checking through existing operational capabilities, including pass through a "lie detector." After a satisfactory managers must be familiar not only with their immediate supervisors, usually intelligence officers operating under cover of humanitarian funds, and presented to heads of the largest EU states and the USA. After all the preparations for the project managers dedicated to the goal planned. The aim of the following. Since attempts to "soft democratization" and such efforts because of the weakness and disunity of opposition has failed, you need to focus on creating massive new structures that will use the upcoming presidential election as a strong attack on the government. In this case clearly indicates that we should not stop at nothing. If Belarusian voters still prefer the incumbent, it is necessary to create an environment that will bring to the streets of trained and paid by the militants, whose task will be to grab one of the government buildings, the power struggle to impose the law enforcement agencies, and the power to provoke actually disrupt the elections. The leaders of the "Tell the Truth" was assured that in this case the number of EU governments will act to consolidate, condemn the government's actions, moral and material support to those who suffer in the event of power output on the "area", and try to achieve discredit Belarus in the international arena.

Under the guise of polite smiles and assurances of correctness in Minsk literally suitcases transported hundreds of thousands of dollars. They were designed to create in the course of the Civil GP powerful structures, agitation and organizational orientation. The heads of these agencies were invited to the capital of a number of countries in the European Union and Washington, where government leaders were encouraging not only the Minsk "revolutionaries", and guaranteed them a direct moral and financial support. Some of the ambassadors of the European Union, in the literal sense, to take on the responsibilities of instructors and tutors for those who had the strength and cunning to change power in Belarus.

This diverse work carried out during several months.

At the time when he. Sikorski (Poland) and Westerwelle (Germany) visited Minsk and officially certified by the Government of Belarus in the sincere desire to help the development of democracy, officials from several embassies played an unseemly role arsonists. One might think that these hypocritical actions inspire confidence in those "spin doctors", who felt that against generously greased currency instruments "color revolution" no antidote and can not be! The absolute majority of the Belarusian people, in his will of attention was not paid. In their calculations, the organizers and ideologists of the next "revolution" had a stake in the money that would have to be destructional force.

In the West, could not see that among the presidential candidates do not have any really significant figure, who would have at least some coherent political program and the electoral authority. Those who gamble paid off for the European taxpayers' money, well aware that, if successful, a "revolution" in the center of the continent inevitably a crisis arose that Belarus Feeds On blood. But on this one paid attention. The main thing was to shift Lukashenko, put in charge of the country some obedient puppet and just observe people flour, artificially plunged into chaos.

This is — a summary of design, brought to the country by the organizers and inspirers once collapsed "color revolution."

Despite the limited availability of human resources, supporting the radical opposition, its foreign sponsors purposefully oriented unauthorized protest organizers to collect 100 thousand.

At the same time voiced two possible scenarios. The first came from the fact that the "area" will bring together 100-150 thousand in which the seizure of power was the most real. Therefore, long before the Government House on December 19 was chosen as the main object to capture the opposition.

The second plan was to presence of the "area" of no more than 10 thousand people, which, according to leaders of the Civil GP, would somehow show themselves and justify their activities to foreign donors.

M. Statkevich said in the "independent" media's "three versions of events" after the election: "If 100 thousand and more people will come to the area — it will be free and happy country, if much smaller, but they will be determined to fight — Belarus is also change for the better, even if not immediately, but if the "area" will be held on a "come, stood, listened to music and went — the country finally master the fear and hopelessness."

On October Square in Minsk, following the procurement and approved by international experts scenario, Andrei Sannikov, made a sensational announcement: "Lukashenka's regime fell, a government of national salvation, which included presidential candidates." Sannikov further urged the audience to go to the Government House, where, according to him, are coming negotiations with the government of capitulating. Paid provocateurs roars and applause greeted this call, gullible people moved them to the square, to the Government House. Naturally, was announced gross lie, but, in fact, it was announced that the coup and many people were plunged into absolute Prohibited and dangerous action. The rest is known. The authorities did not accept the workers of iniquity, and restored order.

In place of the massacre arrived OMON, within minutes the area was cleared.

Big zilch, so called "December revolution" ended ingloriously.

At his press conference on 20 December, President ordered security services to publish public information declassified documents to show the background of what happened, without compromise to name the organizers, instigators and rioters, including foreign ones, to make public financing scheme destructive organizations, to explain how a screen sowers "democracy" are operating people for whom nothing is in the XXI century in a European country to plan and try to arrange artificial and destructive "revolution." With a cynical and impudent to impose on the people a political system.

Perhaps some readers are shocking figures of revenue coming to us to feed the "revolutionaries" from the West. Maybe someone will aversion behavior of some diplomats and intelligence, grossly interfered in the internal affairs of our country … Someone reading the declassified documents from the phone calls of the protagonists, podozhmet sponges, they say, what is the total control? Do not jump to conclusions, gentlemen! First, all of the legal state reserves the right to monitor the activities of destructive political groups, to prevent terrorism and riots. Second, after the mayhem brought up on charges of criminal case phone calls "active and involved" persons subject to verification. So tells the law! Third, if the running process "color revolution" scored a move to stop it would be very difficult. Therefore, the relevant authorities are not only monitored vigilantly emerging situation, but could not for a few minutes to restore law and order. Guilty of inciting riots and other misdemeanors filed in accordance with the law of the charges.

Planning activities

Excerpts from seized "Strategic Plan GC GP"

"Possible future dominant counter-propaganda campaign. Background Campaign (rumors). "

"… One of the elements of the campaign in support of the candidate of the National Trust should be targeted production of pulses to spread rumors. Rumors — is the information that is passed from mouth to mouth and the viral nature of the spread is. Ideal information carrier for such a campaign is the Internet, especially social networks, blogs, "Twitter" (social online network).

Good Campaigning rumor makes power constantly making excuses, created the so-called presumption of guilt of power, increasing the level of distrust toward her.

One of the basic rumors, which should play throughout the campaign, is the rumor of a possible resignation of Lukashenko. His task — to make the public opinion and the opinion of the elite to the very possibility of such care.

Proposed cycle of rumors:

Person of Lukashenko and his family, the rumors about the president weaken his personal position, destroy the image of a strong and brave, determined man.

Here are the main goals and objectives of the "background campaign":

— Poor health of Lukashenko and his family.

— Lukashenko treated abroad and spends a lot of money.

— Private equity Lukashenko in foreign banks. This fact should be emphasized and constantly increase the amount.

Economy. Rumors about economic problems must prevent information that country crisis barely touched.

Behind the scenes of a conspiracyAlso effective the following rumors:

— Laid-off every day more and more, face new layoffs.

— Countries are selling cheap, privatization of enterprises is secretly and in full swing. Officials for bribes sell state property to Arabs and Chinese.

— The government has not fulfilled the requirements of the IMF and the early return of credits required.

Questioned the safety of large public projects.

— During the construction of nuclear power plants will be used by the Chinese reactor, which can be explosive.

— A nuclear reactor at the plant — in fact, the future missile platform for nuclear blackmail … ".


Excerpts from the "Strategic Plan for Civil GP"

To create a political crisis in the country is necessary to:

"The first phase. Creating the conditions for delegitimizing the vote by an "independent" surveillance, and by bribing members of the electoral commissions.

Directorate "Tell the Truth" began to study leadership and members of territorial election commissions and potential candidates in election commissions in the field. Particular emphasis was placed on the so-called Advanced polling stations V.Neklyaev enjoyed a certain reputation among voters.

Personal work is expected to start with the committee members and their leaders in selected areas on the material basis to persuade them to public allegations of falsification of voting results announced by the CEC and the articulation of the "real" numbers to vote for V.Neklyaeva at a particular location. "

Reference. To induce officials to cooperate with the "company" they had been promised "compensation" of up to 100 thousand U.S. dollars.

GC GP counted on the fact that if the country with such statements will be made from 3 to 5 ("and if possible, even more") heads of electoral commissions, the opponents of the government will be able to "arguments" to protest the official results of the election, to appeal to foreign entities and start a "reasonable" a campaign of civil disobedience.

"The second stage. Holding mass protests. As you progress through the main stages of the electoral process, opponents of the government planned to simultaneously pump the social situation in the country, increasing as the date of elections, the number of participants of the planned protests. "


Of operational materials

Behind the scenes of a conspiracy

"A. Mikhalevich said that he studied in England, went to Poland and Germany. In one of his trips to Germany, he called the woman who had the German journalist, AM, and offered to meet. During this meeting, "journalist" started asking questions that did not relate to the previously agreed topic of conversation. In particular, she was interested in the political and economic processes in the Republic of Belarus. After that A. Mikhalevich yet met twice with her. According to A. Mikhalevich, it was not a journalist, and a representative of the German secret service.

A. Mikhalevich said that financing the BPF is mainly from the U.S., Germany and Poland. From the words of A. Mikhalevich, most grants plundered tip BNF, not reaching ordinary members of the party. "


Of the analytical report

"The financial situation of opposition candidates.

It is noted that due to the refusal of donors to provide financial assistance Milinkevich (ex-presidential candidate in the 2006 elections, the leader of the "For Freedom") and the lack of funds for the collection of signatures, he is depressed. Phone calls on a cell phone does not answer.

Ya.Romanchuk received about 150 — 200 thousand dollars from IRI to conduct local shares, after which he returned to Germany and the United States to obtain additional financing.

Kozulin to run for president is not intended, however, for financial reward is ready to assist the company's "Tell the Truth" in the nomination V.Neklyaeva. Participation in elections Kozulin positioned as an opportunity to earn money. "

From the report

In preliminary talks with V.Neklyaevym A.Sannikov stated that "cooperation with the leader of the" Tell the Truth "for him — on the reputation, which will cost at least USD 500 thousand.

"… A.Fedutoy (ideologue GC GP) and A.Vardomatskim (director of the research laboratory" Novak ") discussed funding GC GP during the election campaign. To collect signatures from donors will receive about 400 thousand U.S. dollars, on the election campaign — 600 thousand dollars. During the distribution of money to collect signatures Yu.Slutskaya (former editor in chief of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus") stated that it is necessary to support a display 100 000, S.Voznyak (trustee Nyaklyaeu) requested 250 000 for the manufacture of printed products. Leadership structure of the decision to postpone the matter to the next Directorate. It is noted that in September A.Dmitrievu (Head of Staff Nyaklyaeu) will be issued U.S. $ 150,000 (A.Feduta — 70.000 and A.Vardomatsky — 80.000).

In order to prepare for GA GP analytical papers on socio-political and economic situation in the country offered to provide A.Feduta from its budget fund 50,000 — U.S. $ 100,000 to organize the work of external consultants GC GP (V.Silitsky etc.). Directorate at the following it will be a list of consultants and their salaries.

A.Feduta announced that it proactively went S.Gaydukevich chairman of the LDP (the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party), who proposed for 1.000.000 USD help of "Tell the Truth" to promote its candidate in the forthcoming elections and withdraw his candidacy in favor of it. The members of the Directorate suggested it — provocation of law enforcement agencies. A.Feduta noted that perhaps S.Gaydukevich is the vehicle of dialogue with the government.

S.Voznyak said that "Tell the truth," he was invited personally A.Fedutoy.

According S.Voznyaka, "sponsors" of the Civil GP were representatives of "state structure" of Poland (Polish MFA).

Foreigners in contact only with their elected leaders, "company": initially A.Fedutoy onwards (from about May 2010) with A.Dmitrievym and V.Neklyaevym.

The objectives of the convey of S.Voznyaka Come la referred to it and A.Fedutoy A.Dmitrievym overseas funds in Belarus. After receiving the money from these people, it (personally had no contact with the sponsors) would take them to the Republic of Belarus. "

Operations report of security bodies

Behind the scenes of a conspiracy

On July 19, after the manager agreed Dmitriev NED R.Pototskomu to take part in the organization of the youth group "area", it came out the leader of the "Young Front" (MOF) Dashkevich a proposal to discuss a plan of action created by the structure. Dashkevich offered to call the youth group "Belarus for freedom" or "free space". Noted that it will be composed by representatives of the "Young Front", "Right Alliance", BNF and the "For Freedom" and "Free Space". Coordinators — Dashkevich and representative of the "For Freedom".

In early August, the European Union will hold Dashkevich introductory meeting of representatives of the youth group, which will be proposals developed "area" and the budget structure (assumed to 2.000.000 USD — Part is mastered "MF"). The money is planned for September. From September to October in Minsk in sports shops and markets activists structure will buy a tent (500 pcs.), And other equipment that will be stored in a safe house. Dashkevich plans to build on the "area" of about 3,000. In the case of blocking of the law enforcement agencies considered the October Square is another place where tents will be set. "


Fragment of e-mails via "Skype" between A.Belyatskim (vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights, Minsk) and coordinator of the fund, "Freedom and Democracy" (Warsaw)

— Good afternoon, this is Marek. There is a small request. Please send us the data. In English it is possible?

— Good morning, I'm listening.

— The request is this: is it possible on your part — if someone from Poland will ask you — to confirm that our foundation is to be complicit in the creation of your great base for repression on the project for the repressed? It is unlikely that someone will ask, but then … The fact is that our Foreign Ministry wants to know what information the effect of our project. We need something to say. Well, that and said they helped free. You know, what was going on.

— OK, well, if you ask — confirm.

— Dzyak! As for this year, to pay for the repressed 200,000 zlotys. Plus a fee for your koordinatorshi. 200,000 zlotys — is somewhere 7000 dollars will be.

— Already approved?

— Yes.

— Excellent!

— Now we wait for the money to the account. And maybe we'll agree on a pre later in Warsaw, who will?

— I think that it will be possible to determine.

— Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cut in half. We requested 500 000 PLN.

— Just today, and start then. But this is good, because we have about 40,000 of Ned, but half of them have already spent …

— There's a complete steal money goes. Gave someone in Belarus for two projects for cooperation in the field of … veterinary medicine. 10 percent of the money to foreign aid, the Foreign Ministry has received one of the agribusiness in northern Poland! Two and a half million zloty gave them! Corruption is complete.

— From us this far … you know better …

— Yesterday, your opposition Sikorski boasted that he was a great help repressed, and gave the example of our project. Total lie.

— Ha-ha-ha! I fear that politicians, they all are.


Of operations report

"In some cases caused S.Voznyak regional coordinators GC GP in Vilnius, where at the place (hotel or cafe) gave everyone agreed amount in cash.

Otherwise S.Voznyakom developed another scheme. So, to get money from A.Dmitrieva, he distributed the amount issued to him by the luggage at / Railway station in Vilnius (either by bank boxes). Next, contact via "Skype" with regional coordinators, he called every number, the code of the cell, the date and time specified functionary or elected by the latter had to come to Lithuania and take the money.

Thus, S.Voznyak personally distanced himself from personal involvement in the distribution of money, and the designation given date for making sure that the carriers will not be able to see each other during the withdrawal of funds from these lockers in Lithuania.

Money were transported to Belarus only in the form of currency selected couriers.

S.Voznyak noted that the summer of 2010, he received from A.Dmitrieva in Vilnius bag with a large sum of cash (for personal assessment — more than 700 thousand dollars).

Investigation secret

There is no doubt that the events of December 19 of a hand above all security services in Poland and Germany, which are planned and institutionalized GC GP, which was intended was to be the "new opposition force" that could change the power in the country. To achieve this goal were selected organizers and technologists, attracted a lot of funds that are under the "roof" of the various funds smuggled were transported to Belarus. Ground for the formation of organizational power capable to change the legal power in Belarus, became Poland. There have been arranged and special training camps for "activists", where does the future ruling class, there are major foreign policy decisions are consistent with the involvement of the diplomatic corps. All of this is unfortunate, though, because the people of fraternal Poland has close ties with the people of Belarus. It is a pity that it did not want to understand some of the politicians.

As you know, the main instigators and ringleaders were arrested, they were charged, there is a consequence that will put everything in its place. These people are not detained for their political views. They were arrested for specific offenses, including those expressed in the in an attempt to capture the Government House and plunge the country into chaos. For the creation of the illegal "government."

A fragment of one of the questioning involved in the case, which sheds light on many of the events. And above all, to actively participate in events Minsk officials from Warsaw and Berlin.


From protocol

Officer (M) asked high-ranking Civil GP (M1)

«M1. About the source of the money I have already said yesterday, my opinion would be the same, I do not care what anybody says. This German money, a German politician. And further, it is simply the use of which, say, to Germany are particularly relevant.

M. This is Poland and the Baltic states?

M1. This is basically the Baltics, Poland is, this is a little Sweden. Now do not mean financially, we have in mind organizationally. And here I have no other answer, I said it.

M. Clear.

M1. I'm pretty sure when talking about yesterday Milinkevich, I just think that just because Germany did to Milinkevich of funded not. It was, perhaps, a contract, and not withholding money Milinkevich.

M. Say, that's about a month ago, you went to Poland, when the first issue of "haul" of money, who are you communicate?

M1. When I was with Nyaklyaeu, you mean?

M. Yes, like you were with Nyaklyaeu.

M1. So it was an official visit.

M. Who talked about funding?

M1. I was there with all the talk about funding. We talked to Litvin (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland) and the people who introduced us, as from the office. That is, we talk to them like asking, "Yes, we need more money, can you tell us anything?" Plus we had been there a very important meeting, by the way, in Poland, we had a very important meeting with the Germans .

M. And with what the Germans?

M1. There was a selection of experts.

M. who organized a meeting with the Poles?

M1. Germans and organized for us to meet with the Poles. But I also said yesterday that we were in the waiting room, I was the assistant threw a phrase that …

M. In the waiting who?

M1. In my opinion, the Lytvyn, I now … Gave up a phrase or Sikorsky reception or reception Litvin, I do not remember whose it was the assistant who gave the phrase: "You should be thankful your meeting in Poland."

M. What do you think, in connection with what has been cut funding? Little become independent?

M1. No, the presidential election, they had to be intermediate, the goal — quietly enter parliament, thus legalizing relationship and how to work with Belarus. And presidential elections were to be just a phase. We had to show themselves, we had to show leadership, we had to form a new opposition, which will talk in Europe.

M. This strategy is one voice?

M1. This strategy did not sound, the last time in Brussels directly Nyaklyaeu said, not so, as can be, but in principle Nyaklyaeu said: "We are interested in the election to be as far as Europe can admit that it was a dialogue and so on. Milinkevich already played, and no one with him to continue the dialogue, a new leader, a new structure, it will give the opportunity to lead a normal foreign policy, but it will be a parallel dialogue. Accordingly, in the future, if this structure is suddenly starts a dialogue with the government, all of this dialogue will be trusted. That is, Europe will be able to support it. There are people with whom dialogue, though they believe and the opposition, the opposition to them, they are not. Tereshchenko Gaidukevich now Mikhalevich. Europe can not take this opposition, for it is impossible for political reasons. Opposition needs to be a sufficient, well, not a radical, but the opposition, then the dialogue will start, which will be beneficial to all. "

Continuing the conversation …

"M. Feduta left with some documents?

M1. Yes. We continued to work, he was leaving there, returned. But in general, the strategy we have written, that is, there was someone who told us how to properly. You know, I think that's one of the options, for example, why not tell right there that Germany. One option might be: because Germany had never worked with large projects are political. Perhaps it is such an attempt, for example, to go down to those who are accustomed sponsors, like the Baltic states, Poland is the same. That is down to the fact that will be familiar to the authorities. On the other hand, if, for example, the failure of Germany will be, you know, with an unblemished reputation. They could simply agree with Poland, that Poland is no longer funded.

M. Who tried to have a conversation Milinkevich? Germany? This is regarding the issue, she was involved in some projects or not.

M1. I just think that Poland was not an independent player in such a policy.

M. But she wanted to be an independent player. I understand what you're saying. But she just might give some powers chance.

M1. On the basis of our last meeting, where there were talks with Westerwelle, I just thought that if they continue to Germany will be more out of the shadows.

M. A meeting initiative came from whom?

M1. Initiative meeting with Westerwelle?

M. Yes.

M1. We had a meeting, we had a phone conversation with him Nyaklyaeu. But it was an initiative of the German side, when we were in Brussels.

M. And what did they say?

M1. There's some things in common. He confirmed what was said at the meeting in Brussels, at the fact that Belarus should move to Europe, which, of course, Russia will not be so easy to let go of Belarus … "

(To be continued)


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