Belarus Belarusian independence and identity

20 years after the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Belarusian independence has become irreversible? Or dabudavalasya Belarusian nation? Will finally Belarus "on the space, a wide expanse of" changing the current nenarmalnasts?

On these topics in the "Prague accent 'reasoning philosopher Valentin Akudovich, political scientist Andrew Kazakevitch and cultural studies Julia Chernjavskaja.

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Akudovich: A little vtryruyuchy, we can say that the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Belarusians in the mass was seen as a regular occupation — the occupation of independence … Only through the power we are united into one … We are looking for a nation where it could not be. That national canon that developed the pioneers of the Belarusian revival in the early XX century — or he approached the Belarusians whose attention is not headed for the fate of cultural and linguistic values, and the values of the social order?

Kazakevitch: The value of independence can be for many only when the threat to its loss. At the very least, only then will we know how firm the phenomenon … Belarusian nation is not homogeneous in terms of interpretations of the past, present, and future vision, but rather, it is a natural and normal for a modern nation.

Chernjavskaja: When in the late 80's, many people involved themselves in the Soviet identity, and among the intelligentsia — and the Russian identity, the past 20 years, Belarusians, though uneven, irregular, but practically exclude themselves from it … At the level of civil nation, we certainly exists, but there is no unified identity … The characters that exist, not divided the whole of society, and even most of it.

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