Belarus does not have enough foreign investment

The UN Office in Belarus presented the World Investment Report for 2010. Stated that compared to last year, when the global economic crisis, investment activity has virtually ceased to This year, first half shows the gradual recovery of the global economy.

As a result — a significant inflow of investments around the world. What is the rate of investment attractiveness is Belarus?

The representative of the UN Office in Belarus Antonius Broek says that within six months there was a significant increase in foreign direct investment. According to forecasts, in 2010 the total investment inflows worldwide will exceed $ 1.2 trillion, and in 2011 will grow to $ 1.5 trillion. Thus in developing countries and countries with economies in transition accounted for almost half of this influx. According to Mr. Brooks, will be expanded and investment contacts with Belarus:

It is important to use the moment as an opportunity to accelerate economic reforms …

"Despite the temporary zamaruzhvanne growth rate of foreign investment on a global basis (inclusive of your region), it is important to use this time as an opportunity to speed up economic reforms to create an environment that would be more favorable to the zaluchennya both domestic and international investments. We plan expand the scope of our cooperation to include here activities aimed at achieving the greatest economic benefit. Specifically, in order to increase the energy security of the country. We will cooperate with the government in support of sustainable forest management to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Such activity has great potential in building Hydrocarbon quotas for Belarus, which could potentially be sold in international markets. "

For some time the Belarusian government has consistently stressed the commitment of investment openness. As the director of the National Investment Agency Victor Kovalenko, this policy has obvious benefits:

Victor Kovalenko

"Some statistics: from 2001 he wassigned only about 6 investment agreements. And since 15 November 2009 and so far in the registry already registered 166 investment agreements. In other words, there was 160 new investpagadnennyav different level! In 2009, the inflow of foreign investment in Belarus amounted to $ 9.3 billion. Compared with the same period of 2008, the volume of investment increased by 1.4 times. Of these, foreign direct investment — $ 4.8 billion. The largest volume of foreign investment in 2009 went to the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Cyprus and Germany. "

Who are primarily interested in the sphere in Belarus for business? As said Kovalenko, the spectrum is very wide, but there are priorities:

Agriculture really interested in Russian investors also increased interest from the Lithuanians, Belgians, Poles …

"Investors are interested in metalworking, and woodworking. Now quite high rise observed in investment in agriculture. This is especially milk, cheese production, etc. That is just the dairy sector. Can clarify that agriculture is really interested in Russian investors, as well increased interest on the part of the Lithuanians, Belgians, Poles. intensity of the negotiations is high. Importantly, there was such a healthy competition — who also run? Because those and those offering new technologies serious enough funds. But now there is competition between them. And I think that's great, that's good. "

How to Respond to zazyvanni invest in the Belarusian economy, potential investors? A successful entrepreneur once Ivatsevichsky Vladimir Kudinov after being accused of economic crimes, and to enter into a long rode from Belarus to Ukraine. Plans to return home does not give up, but is convinced that no liberalization of the power that a dozen years focused clamping business, can not wait:

Vladimir Kudinov

"Even if we take the 1990s, then, listening to Alexander G., we can conclude that very often he says one thing and does another. So I think that the turn to the West, liberalization — it all just lip service. A real- Life is not nothing, nothing has changed from what it was before. To something happened, for example, in the direction of building a democratic society, or that there was freedom of speech in Belarus, in Ukraine — this is not. This is only possible a change of power. When will fair elections, when will choose a new president, if after a certain period will be structured a little different system of social control, rather than the one that exists now — and then will be liberalized. And then people really pulled. now, just empty words from the government, the presidential administration, just to give some credit. "

To test the mood of investors believe the authorities of Belarus in the German Frankfurt-am-Main on the Belarusian Investment Forum III, which is scheduled for late November. The previous two were held in London and Minsk, but the expected fruits yet to bear.


investment, Kovalenko

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