Belarus introduces the industrial production of hydrogen fuel based on water

Russian scientist Yuri Krasnov

led project Oratay

How much time you can put the core business to new fuel?

— For the start of mass, stress, not serial and mass production facilities from cottage option to very large power plants, provide liquid fuel to three to five years.

And then will not need to pull the oil and gas pipelines.

Especially if you do autonomous power, say, on the basis of aircraft engines that use gas turbines. Only it will run on other fuels, but the physics is the same. Water, burning with fever, gives water vapor, which is spinning the turbine blades, which sits on the shaft of the generator. And this self-contained unit can be made a hundred, a thousand or one million kilowatts. Depending on your needs. It's all a trick.

Why interval is estimated to be 3-5 years?

— This is a very short time. On megacities will need more time. But it is necessary to start solving the problem, given the vast expanses of our Mother Russia, with a small township and village settlements.

And in Russia, "officials" industrial progress of technology have not given — photos of secret documents — correspondence with the government — expert analysis

Extended article: Alternative, hydrogen fuel. Structured water Krasnov.

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