Belarus is looking for where else to borrow money

In August, Belarus plans to bring on the Russian financial market their paper. And by the end of this year and intends to learn the Asian market. This was announced today at a press conference, Chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovich. These attempts after the placement of Eurobonds Europe's chief banker named new forms of financial zapazychvannya.

Chairman of the National Bank of Belarus called the placement of Eurobonds on foreign markets "great success." He said that the total value of these securities amounted to 500 million euros. And you want to buy them already announced a $ 1 billion 600 million euros. Analysts attribute this demand with a high percentage of profit for those who buy these securities — as much as 9%.

Prokopovich said that access to the Russian financial market in August will be around 100-200 million euros. The small size of the amount, he explained that this is only the first step and "to sound out the Russian market." The value of Eurobonds, which will be sent to the Asian region, he did not name, but made it clear that it will be a lot of money:

"The Asian market is one of the most effective, including the cost of accommodation, and the number of securities. This is — quite Ladnaya market, and we need to master it. And when we started the placement of Eurobonds from Europe, following in Russia, it is necessary and Asia.

Professor Boris Zheliba believes that the new forms of borrowing money Belarus forcing the absence of new loans from the IMF and Russia, "And therefore creates a vacuum. Prior to completion, the external loans from the IMF and from Russia will not. And so the vacuum can be filled only in the form of bonds."

The fact that the IMF is in no hurry to re-finance of Belarus, was confirmed during a press conference. Journalists asked Peter Prokopovych: Why place Eurobonds at 9%? Do not it be better to use loans from the IMF?

Chairman of the National Bank answered this question as follows: "First, the IMF does not give anyone the resources without performing special conditions. A special conditions do not always contribute to the economic development of the country. Therefore, the IMF very few calls. Therefore it is necessary to draw conclusions. Should really be all in this world. "

Boris Zheliba explains: "The IMF puts conditions aimed at the liberalization of the Belarusian economy. example, to their housing and utilities population paid 100%. This is impossible today. Or to create privatization agency, accelerated privatization. And this is not the same as the dynamics of the government's plans. And so it turned out that some of the conditions the IMF carried out by the Belarusian government, and some — not. "

Prokopovich: Belarus is not needed IMF loans

Belarus is not yet in need of new IMF loans, but does not rule zaluchennya of the fund in the future — this on Thursday, as reported by "Interfax", said the head of the National Bank of Belarus Prokopovich.

Chairman of the National Bank does not see today take tangible steps to the possible introduction of a single currency in the framework of the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

"To carry on a conversation about the creation of a single currency system, it is necessary to solve the basic question: in the near future, the Russian ruble has become a real reserve currency in the CIS. But besides talking about it does nothing" — Prokopovich said at a press conference in Minsk.

Touching upon the gold reserves of Belarus, head of the National Bank was of the view that until the end this year They grow from $ 5.5 billion at July 1 to 6.2 — 7 billion dollars. According Prokopovich reserves expected to make up the expense of government programs of privatization, foreign borrowing and — above all — expected in the second half of the year to further increase the growth rate of foreign currency earnings.

Prokopovych hopes that the sanctions will not affect Belarusian banks of Iranian origin

U.S. and EU sanctions against Iran will not be extended to two banks of Iranian origin working in Belarus. This opinion was expressed by the chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovych at his press conference:

"The sanctions are targeted and linked to the financing of nuclear fuel and petrochemical complex. A Belarusian banks Iranian origin working in other ways: buying peacetime production, food.'s Why the sanctions against them should not be."

In Belarus there are two banks of Iranian origin — "Onerbank" and "Trade Capital Bank."


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