Belarus is not yet a fully independent country …


"And I think that our country became independent after abolished the Treaty of Riga in 1921, when Trotsky was sold to Belarus. So think beyond the point of independence in 1939. On July 27 — it's probably something to do with the Germans ? Overall, I do not know the difference between that date. "

Woman: "And we are still very dependent on Russia. And today — was once a public holiday. Remember this, for now just a day of Brest. Believe that the third of July is hardly Independence Day in Belarus. This is only the liberation of Minsk. But while Belarus is not a fully independent country of all. "

Woman: "I did not think about it. Independence Day, we recently celebrated. I remember that before there was any other date. But it was postponed due to the fact that the liberation of Belarus accounted for the other dates. You know, to be honest, I do not care. "

Man: "You know, with our views, our policy is … I do not want to talk about independence. I have the unfortunate experience of it all."

Man: "Independence Day should be celebrated as determined by management. How to decide how it should be."

Man: "Today is not quite correct to the Day of Independence, when he was released only Minsk from Nazi invaders. If we take as a starting point these events, then there must logically be the date when the whole of Belarus was liberated, not just Minsk."

Woman: "Well, we decided the third of July — let it be okay. Dates I do not know much about. Freed Minsk — well, then released all."

Woman: "Honestly, I do not know. When management decided to celebrate the third of July, and then will be right. This I never thought, to be honest."

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