Belarus spread rot for what she did not destroy their industry and agriculture

Belarus spread rot for what she did not destroy their industry and agriculture

Yes, he fought on Belarus entire "civilized world", because Lukashenko — the dictator and dare to win the election, but did not give power to a candidate who scored as much as 2% or so.

I can not help thinking that Belarus spread rot for what she did not destroy his "ineffective" industry and agriculture. But if you would have done, as in other post-Soviet countries, then they would have praised. And what would they be living? A preferential loans to take and so on trifles. And why would they give them? And for hosting NATO bases and missile defense.

Zloradniki rejoice: the Belarusian economy, the end! All this made for a large Soviet factories are not suitable for a small country. These products are useless. And agricultural products are not wanted: it is cheaper to buy oslyatiny yes buyvolyatiny overseas than his cow to grow, less all of the soy fake than the bread raise.

Critics Lukashenko does not tire of repeating that Belarus could only exist at the expense of cheap gas from Russia, and as the price raised, so their economy and an end. Yes, of course. But why Russia should not have to support Belarus? 'd Accounts of the genocide in 17-20 century and defense in Mogilev? Why at least not to pay for it?

And because our elite — is traitors and looters. They defend the interests of the West and it is your pocket. They roll out Lukashenko account: Give us everything and nothing, and we'll see. They would have been the West such bold!

In the meantime, Belarus undergoes enormous pressure from 2 sides.

And now it is a welcome to liberals and Belarusian nationalists: Belarusian ruble is falling! National Bank has ceased to support the course. So what? We had a 100-fold, but in Belarus, Lukashenko was before, but they behave as if for the first time see. Ah, the queue for the currency! Oh, keep their savings! Those who have no money for the currency that buys salt, sugar, matches. Well, not insanity? As small, honest!
Well, leave your Lukashenko, or do you sit him down, and then to the Hague tribunal — for genocide. You have the same continuous genocide there, right? Here's somebody for taking part in post-election violence was given 5 years, some 2 years with a grace, and someone on probation, but still atrocity! We "Echo of Moscow" all bald scalded me right through these stories, and posters with her son and husband of Irina Khalip or as it is there, hang where no hitting.

Well, your plants will be sold for scrap, sitting in your Institute flea markets, your fields build the cottages, and the rest is overgrown with weeds, the life expectancy is reduced, there will be more drinking and drugs on the central square in front of the KGB will sell, people will come to the southern republics dance lezginka and shoot of weapons, all begin to take bribes, and repairing roads and houses will cease. This is the happiness? You do not have enough?

Or imagined, that'll live in Belgium or the Netherlands?

No, I can not understand, zachnem you need it. Because the country is not closed: you want — go. This is better than all at once go! So at least there is a chance to settle, if it at home all the Sick.

No, do not understand. Brand Lukashenko, rejoice failures and Western sanctions, wait for change. Will wait!

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