Belarus will hold only UN sanctions

The European Union formally adopted new sanctions against Iran. Their goal — to achieve from Tehran cooperation with the international community on the Iranian nuclear program. The sanctions include a number of financial and economic restrictions for persons and organizations that are associated with nuclear research in this country.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Savinykh the question of "Freedom," is it possible to join the sanctions mentioned that Belarus is not part of the EU. Therefore, the decision in Brussels on Belarus does not apply to:

"We will only follow what toolkit that has been approved as part of the resolution of the Security Council of the UN. During the limits of the resolution, we, of course, is not going to."

The document, which mentions the Foreign Ministry spokesman, was approved by the United Nations This year, June 10. However, the EU sanctions — the more radical of the UN. They touch upon areas of trade, energy, banking, prohibit Iranian investment in mining and processing of oil and gas. A UN sanctions only include an embargo on Iran in a heavy military equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles, ships and missile systems, but make rules of engagement of foreign companies with Iranian companies and financial institutions more stringent.

Columnist Jacob Romanand recalls Alexander Lukashenko and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinezhada extremely warm personal relations:

Jacob Roman

"I would remind you that in the fall we are promised another Lukashenko's visit to Iran. And here is an interesting question:" How to Belarus will perform the UN sanctions? "

Lukashenko's visit to Iran does not yet have an exact date. It is tied to the first oil that Belarusian specialists, together with Iranian going to get on the field Jofeir. It was her wish and then transported to Belarus, as well as Venezuela. Therefore, according to Jacob Roman, the Belarusian leader will continue to support his colleague in the international arena:

"Certainly, will support. Iran currently holds the Non-Aligned Movement — a major international organization. Belarus is also included in this structure. Only from European countries, by the way."

Minsky political analyst Andrei Fedorov more cautious in their forecasts:

Andrei Fedorov

"To agree to go against the official Minsk to Brussels? Question is very complex. Under these restrictions, Iran will pardon the tavtalegiyu, limited pay with Belarus. Least they reduced. Therefore, I believe the Belarusian authorities should refrain from demonstrative steps. But I do not know whether it is acceptable for the Belarusian leadership. "


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