Belarusian diplomats prevents domestic economic model

Studying the heads of diplomatic missions of Belarus, who are working outside the country, was completed today in Minsk. The results of nearly two-week sessions led by Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov.

He sent diplomats to the active solution of national problems and stressed that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not in words but in deeds should be the foremost agency for external borders of the country."

Minister Martynov summed up the problem that now seem most relevant. As before, the main one — the promotion of Belarusian products to foreign markets. There is even a special strategy fixing of Belarusian enterprises in the markets of different countries. However, the role of other factors. First of all it is — the need for foreign investment and increase transit capacity.

Earlier in the outcome of such meetings acted Alexander Lukashenko. It was out of his mouth sounded in its time the idea that the quality of Belarusian diplomats abroad will be primarily determined by the number of domestic goods sold there. In This year, Mr. Lukashenko meeting diplomats ignored.

Political analyst Ales Lahvinets considers the goals that put before the Belarusian diplomats "very correct":

Ales Lahvinets

"Diplomatic missions should do it. Could even be said that the Belarusian diplomats are doing miracles of ingenuity, to somehow promote domestic products. Declare goals are very correct. Means even very correct solutions.

But the problem is structural. Today the Belarusian economic model can not allow businesses to operate according to market rules and also be dynamic and competitive in foreign markets. After all, it is a team model. And that is why a team is trying to use the model all the administrative resources, including the activities of our diplomatic missions, to at least some way to squeeze all the juice out of what is. "

Mr. Lahvinets convinced to move to a new level, to perform the tasks in the Belarusian reality is impossible:

"After all, we have a very unattractive investment climate, there is no normal right to private property, there is no guarantee for the activities of the national business, a very complex tax system. And so all the efforts of the authorities, no matter how loud they were, in part will be in vain, since nothing in the country is not changed.

The attraction dynamichnasts, competitiveness of the country — it is also very good legislation, extended the possibilities for action in the country. And not just the mobilization of all resources. "

According to the World Bank "Doing Business 2009" (Rate of doing business in 181 countries), Belarus ranked 85th (the year before it was 115-e). The World Bank has called Belarus chatsvertsy most successful reformers.

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