Belovodye — the country of happiness, the dream of humanity

February 17, 2013 23:27

Indestructible in the human pursuit of happiness and freedom. Goodness and beauty, patience and wisdom, the lack of back-breaking labor and joyless, prosperity and security for themselves and their families — the age-old dream of mankind.

But can such a place where there is already a fair world order is? There can not be such a wonderful country, where all the wise and beautiful, where life is arranged according to the laws of beauty and justice!

And this country is! And her name — Belovodye.

Country fair

Especially a lot of talk about Belovodye — Promised Land — was among the dissenters-conservatives. In the mid-17th century, the Russian Orthodox Church split. On the side of the reformers was the state brutally persecute the old foundations. Fleeing from persecution, the zealots of "ancient piety" sought refuge in the suburbs, and even abroad the Russian state. They fervently believed that Belovodye — actually there are countries, the way in which they will show creator.

Let's assume a priori that Belovodye — not a myth but an ancient legend about a really existing, or rather — the country existed. We know that a just government, the wisdom and goodness of the mutual relations of the population — the result of a long development of public relations for centuries bred culture. These are signs of an advanced civilization, which took a long and difficult way of development. And if so, what to look for in Belovodye where once, perhaps there was a great civilization, and which were only legends and stories.

Manmade Belovodye

Agreeing that Belovodye — echoes of memories of an advanced civilization, at the beginning I think it necessary to mention those lands that claim to Belovodye wonderful country, but, in my opinion, it can not be, even though they are beautiful in their own way.

In the Latvian city of Daugavpils has six church temples Believers Pomeranian consent. Here, on the Baltic Sea, have found the ancestors of today's followers of the church his Belovodye. Diligence, thoroughness, desire and ability to live in peace and good neighbors, they built their lives, their country. Now they created Believer cultural and educational fund, which is called "Belovodie". Yes, their work, their efforts, they created their own happy land. But, alas, this is not the case that we are looking for, because, according to some sources, the legend of Belovodye allegedly came to Russia in the first years of Christianization, ie and long before the split, and the adherents to the exile of the "old faith" in the Baltics.

Approximately the same position with the Altai and Sayan. Runaways Old Believers have been invaluable in the development of these fertile but sparsely populated at the time seats. It is not surprising that they thought Belovod Altai, a place where flowing rivers of milk and honey of (or honey?) Coast. Indeed, getting first to the Altai, surprised to white water cascading from the glaciers of Katun ridge. And to this day in the Russian villages along the Katun River, especially in the valley Uimon can find a great abundance of milk and honey … Is not it the embodiment of the legendary country? "The whole factory was formerly called district Belovodye — wrote one local historian Altai — which meant Region free, abundant all worldly needs and convenience in as many places. "

Beyond the Horizon …

We do not have the exact address of a magical land, but a few suggestions for finding it still can be done.

Solovetsky Islands. Russia has this incredibly beautiful place due to many things. Recently, however, there is evidence which give the right to assume that the Solovki — a place that has a direct relationship to the first mentioned in ancient Greece north of the country — Hyperborea. For the Greeks Hyperborea was a real existing state, highly developed, where people do not live in houses, and in the woods and groves. Hyperboreans, claimed the ancient Greeks, lead a happy life, they are no disputes and wars, they do not need the knowledge. They differ amazing justice and righteousness, and most of time in the service of the gods. And live an average of more than a thousand years.

With the collapse of ancient Christianity and the accession of Hyperborea forgotten, it was forgotten for nearly 2000 years and disappeared over time and space. These are the assumptions and conclusions contained in the report of the Comprehensive search expedition north Commission scientific tourism Russian Geographical Society, who worked in 2002 on the Solovetsky Islands.

Tibet. April 24, 1949 in a Russian newspaper "New Dawn", published in San Francisco, California, was first made public, "Secret History of Belovodye." In an article in the newspaper was told that in the last decade of the XIX century, a young nobleman, visiting Vyshenskaya Assumption Monastery, located in the Tambov province, had a long conversation with one of the monks. Here is a monk, taking the listener from his vow of silence for 50 years, and told the "Secret History", the monks passed by word of mouth for centuries.

The essence of it in the following:

One year prior to the Baptism of Russia, came to Prince Vladimir a monk Sergius, who spent several years in the monasteries of the Byzantine Empire. He told Vladimir existence of the mysterious far east of the state — the Kingdom of the White Waters, the country of justice and virtue. Vladimir enchanted story monk sent an embassy, hoping that in three years he would return. However, the monk Sergius appeared in Kiev only after 50 years, when Prince Vladimir was dead. He tells the amazing story of the journey and stay in Belovodye.

The existence of a mysterious country in the East there is other evidence. Often mentions of her famous traveler, explorer and artist Nicholas Roerich. He claims that the Russian legend Belovodie, and common in other peoples stories of Shambhala — is a tale of the same mysterious country.

Antarctica. Yes, yes, the same Antarctica, no man's land of mankind. Many scientists believe that the emergence of almost simultaneously many ancient civilizations — Egypt, Crete, Greece, the states of Mesopotamia, the ancient states of America have common roots: too much into them like that. Therefore, some scientists believe that somewhere in the South, probably in the Antarctic, there was a powerful pratsivilizatsiya. In Antarctica, the favorable climate which can be judged by foot fern leaves in the corner, found here, lived (according to modern estimates) 50 ml. people. About 10 thousand years ago, the country has been destroyed by glaciers, and the survivors of the ancient inhabitants of Antarctica were the basis or catalyst for the development of many ancient civilizations.

Concluding the topic of Antarctica, it is necessary to mention some interesting facts or issues that are probably directly related to the subject of the article. For example, what is so attractive to researchers from Nazi Germany in Antarctica? What they found there during the 1938-1939 expeditions? That they managed to create and hide in, called "New Swabia"? And what was found Americans to organize an expedition to Antarctica in 1946, trying to unravel the mysteries of the Antarctic "thousand-year Reich"?

Finally, scientists will discover that in the ice lake is right under the Russian station "Vostok" at a depth of 4 km.? And what a lake — not whether the remains of our pratsivilizatsii?


Indestructible in the human pursuit of happiness and freedom. And everywhere, everywhere, in every city, village, on a small hutorke, people dream of such a world order, where there is no dull and hard work, where all kind to each other, and where, as in a fairy tale, flowing rivers of milk of honey .

Alexander Rosca. Journalist

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