Bison and Klaas will change in Polessie

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during his working trip to Brest region demanded an end to the purchase of imported agricultural machinery. "These antics with imported equipment necessary to finish", — he said.

His decision to head of state explained that the delivery of spare parts for imported agricultural machinery is sometimes slow. And at harvest time factor is very important.

Economist Lev Margolin deems frivolous grounds:

Lev Margolin

"All over the world it can be solved very easily. When the import machinery, it creates a corresponding database that can quickly repaired promptly deliver spare parts. I do not think there is a problem. Problem lies elsewhere — in overstocked compositions of the need to cut costs foreign currency. And is not that what our processors operate without interruption and that within a few hours they can be repaired. And imported so bad that it is three or four years, worked hard and became the spoil. "

No one can better combine, which are now in the field, to assess the quality of domestic and foreign vehicles. Especially in this heat. Arkady mechanic from Pinsk district works in German "vocabulary" with the air conditioner:

"Overboard" 25 degrees, maybe even more. And in the cockpit — 10 degrees. "

Combine Alexander of Lyakhovichi area threshing grain in the domestic "Poles'e-10." Interested in the temperature condition:

"Well, more or less tolerated."

(Reporter) "And what is the temperature on the field?"

"I do not know."

(Reporter) "And in the cabin?"

"Also, I do not know, there is no gradusnika"

(Reporter) "And on what processor you working on?"


(Reporter) "So it is that, without a thermometer?"


Alexander did not combine old — to use a third season. Large damage was not only a trifle. But combine envy their colleagues working in the Polish and German technology:

"Well, import, of course, the better."

Further develop the theme mechanic did not — in a hurry, as the sweeper for him — perhaps the only opportunity to earn more or less decent money.

Lev Margolin calls the initiative of the government ban on imported machinery "spontaneous and ill-considered." Economist hopes that an all-out ban will not come:

"Lukashenko is once forbade buy imported agricultural machinery. Then allowed only to those households that have high yield, as the Belarusian machinery can not cope with it. Well, as regards working conditions, then, I think, for him, these have less headache" .

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