«Boeing» develop options for ground-based air bombs SDB

As reported shephardmedia.com, company «Boeing» develops ground-based version controlled «narrow» bomb SDB (Small Diameter Bomb) for high-distant target destruction.
    Ground SDB option can be used with mobile systems such as M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System), using a rocket engine for the merits of sufficient height and speed to deploy your wings and hit the task.
The company has delivered more than 11,000 controlled bombs GBU-39B SDB 5 international customers. In the current time for the introduction of integrated SDB with the F-15, F-22 and AC-130W, and later they will get the F-35, Gripen and Tornado.
SDB were first used in combat aircraft criteria F-15E USAF in 2007 in Afghanistan, land managed option guns apparently attracts great attention to the armies of different countries since the announcement of the company in October 2012.

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