Bohemian Grove — a place of gathering of world elites

Bohemian Club — a private club that collected the most wealthy and powerful people the U.S.. They say that coming to Bohemian Grove only for recreation, but many Americans do not believe in it, people believe that the walls of a private club to make important political and economic decisions. Analyzed the situation RT correspondent Abby Martin.

Is this place in the town of Monte Rio, north of San Francisco. Global gathering of puppeteers are here now 113 years — from July 1899-th. Come here to spend two weeks off the heads of major corporations, the U.S. president, a wealthy person (perhaps a more appropriate word muzzle) from the media and the financial community. They argue that this is just a good place for them, but why would they come all at the same time and get together? Many Americans believe that this is where key decisions, such as wars, weapons and financial management.

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