BOOKED Navy submarine, «seeing» 600 kilometers

BOOKED Navy submarine,
Fleet is ready to take part in a submarine sonar watch

Main Command of the Navy decided to make a submarine capable of detecting passive mode submarines and surface ships, and low-flying objects at a distance of 600 km. As told «Izvestia» a source in the Navy, such a device handy for monitoring aquatic and air space of the Atlantic and the Pacific.
— According to our tactical and technical requirements of the boat must fix the presence of objects at a distance of 600 km and 100 km — to accurately determine the type of the object, its speed and direction, etc., — explained the representative of the Navy familiar with the situation.
According to him, the underwater analogue distant radar detection aircraft (AWACS) is officially called «submarine sonar and watch the underwater environment» (GAD GRO). Unlike aircraft, it operates in a passive mode, in other words only listens hydrological conditions, without radiating active signals and staying invisible to the enemy.
According to him, currently working on the formation of a new type of submarine are several research institutions of the Navy, including the 1st and 2nd CRI. Under the plan, the work should be completed by the end of this year, a couple of years will be spent on the development and approval of projects and the construction of boats. While the Navy is planning to take part in only one such submarine.
— The highlight of the project — it is highly sensitive sonar (Ember), capable of detecting objects at significant distances. On her testimony should not affect the water temperature drops, the direction of currents, bio and seismic sounds, also the most noise of the boat. With all this clarity acquired signal should be such to ensure identify target — explained the representative of the Navy.
He added that while there is a discussion — to equip such stations already existing boat or specially built for her latest, as combat boat reclaims significant configurations in design. On the boat-intelligence officer should stand not only bow sonar antenna, and side conformal (stretched along the edges of the submarine), also towed (cable with hydrophones attached to it), located in the tail of the boat and let out while driving. All these devices must fit in the case and not to interfere with each other.
At one of the companies that will be involved in the construction of GAD GRO «News» told that her creation for use reserve available boats
— At the moment, the new submarine «Severodvinsk» project «Ash» is worth a good Ember «Irtysh-Amphora» concern «Okeanpribor» not inferior global peers. Better yet it is nothing in Russia. Take something from it, but overall it is absolutely brand new development, — said the representative of the industry.
The concern «Okeanpribor» declined to comment.
As told «Izvestia» Rear Admiral retired Vladimir Zakharov, to keep under control aqua place a lot easier with the help of stationary objects. According to him, at one time the Americans have relied on the creation of the band SOSUS (sound detection system) in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
— Amerikosy made stationary objects, brought them together into one system and one of the center are kept under control almost the entire World Ocean. We have the same military bases around the world not because deploy and maintain complex stationary band Ember unreal. A boat can be a guide to the appropriate areas and to conduct exploration there sonar — explained Zakharov.
Independent military expert, creator of books on the history of the Navy Maxim Tokarev told «Izvestia» that the creation of acoustic spetslodki states that the tasks of the Navy in the coming couple of years will be reviewed.
— Boat sonar watch makes sense to monitor the South American carrier battle groups and strategic submarines in all regions of the world ocean. But in today’s Naval Doctrine approved until 2020, the overall global task of the Russian Navy, but to protect their own territorial waters and strategic nuclear forces — the continued presence in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean in the periodical. And in these regions for these submarines is simply no purposes for which such boats could bring percussion tools — Tokarev said.
At the same time, he stressed that even if the practical value of this boat will not have acquired production will be applied in the design of boats 5th generation.
It is expected that the submarine will build acoustic «Sevmash», as in the case of a decision on redeveloping existing boat, ship repair work will give the center «asterisk».

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