Bookmakers take bets on the end of the world

Some thought to the bookmaker to open specially for the apocalypse.

According to some projections, the apocalypse will happen on December 21, 2012. Among the circumstances of the occurrence of this event are extraterrestrial life, space, natural or man-made disaster.

Bookmakers consider this unlikely event, so no firm does not accept bets on that end of the world will not.

On this you can earn, but if most organized betting. Money can be taken now, and the win certainly is not necessary. The probability of an event is very small, and even if the apocalypse does happen, no one in the world will not. Bookies take bets beneficial to the event.

Some have already started thinking about the fact you do not open the bookmaker specifically for the apocalypse.

Recently, the so-called end of the world becomes a kind of fashion trend, where everyone is trying to somehow make money. Someone sells bins and place them in the event of the apocalypse, some insured against doomsday. Most often it is nothing more than a PR campaign or a joke, but some seriously take the money and give guarantees.

Source: BFM

Category: Mad World

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