Brest: attracts people ice palaces

The Brest region began to build another ice rink — in district Drogichin. Meanwhile, the previously constructed palaces in Bereza, Kobrin and Pruzany can not pay for itself.

In Drahichhyn 15,000 people living in the region as a whole — about 43 thousand. From sports facilities are a swimming pool and a stadium in the city gymnasium. The prospect of a new object is not pleased everyone. Says resident Drogichin:

"Who is going to visit this palace — I do not know. Unless forced to attend his police force, or the teacher will make. Local people believe that the decision to build the palace — an absurdity, no place to put money."

Locals say the money should be invested in the reconstruction of hospitals and other social infrastructure, create new jobs. But the decision has already been approved for this week construction began. According to the draft Drogichinskiy Ice Palace will be similar to Pruzhansky, it will be built in the next two years. Total area — more than 2.5 hectares.

Ice Palace in Pruzany was commissioned in 2007. Director Pruzhansky ice palace Basil Huy says Now that to work pretty hard. Save the situation only that come to train athletes from Russia:

Decide on a budget, we can not do this …

"We earn for current expenses: cost of heat, electricity, payment of salaries. But a budget we can not do, we have to plan scheduled billion four hundred and three million. We can not earn as much."

Initially wanting to skate was much, the locals say, but now the hunt is gone. Worth the trek to the artificial ice eight thousand rubles.

In Kobrin, where recently built an ice arena, at first, too, was quite significant interest in it. But now the situation has changed, says local Stepan Davydyuk:

"As far as I think, this palace is too posh for our city. And it is not so cheap and for the people, and for the city. Course, that we were better off then it would be a good idea. But in such circumstances — not a good idea" .


Ice Palace

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