Everyone knows that the ghost is the spirit of a dead person, but sometimes there are still bringing a live person. And the cast, even to the clothing items is a copy of the person.

Such twins are essential or a harbinger of death of the person on whom they like, or can create a person, sometimes it is not aware of being in a certain mental state of complete detachment. The British called such casting wraith or fetch, in the German language there is a word for them Doppelganger. Twin can look like and how the etheric body and live like a normal person.

There are many stories where people have seen the ghosts of twins shortly before his death. So famous such case, when the Empress Catherine II was lying sick in bed, the court saw the twin of the Empress, who was walking on the throne room. This was reported immediately to Catherine II, she ordered to shoot at the ghost, but the bullets were flying through it. Soon cast disappeared, and after a while the dead and Russian empress.

But the twins are not always a sign of future death. In occultism there is a belief that some mystics, magicians, the force of his will and energy can produce their etheric counterparts. By the way sometimes people who are not involved in the occult, may be included in a certain mental state and produce their counterparts without noticing it, with a real person and his counterpart may be present in different places. These mental disorders, unexplained, have been described by some researchers.

In some religious cultures recognized that the human soul exists separately from the body in the form of double-phantom. This belief was, in particular, Maori, some of the other tribes inhabiting Polynesia and North America. In Irish folklore see double early in the morning, it means to live a long life.

Twins tend to see or clairvoyants and other people with unexplained mental phenomena, or relatives and friends of the person who the data point or dies or in the near future will die.

So in the book "England, inhabited by ghosts," written by Christina Hole, tells about some Nepayere Williams, who at the hotel saw the dead body lying on the bed, coming closer to the deadline William was surprised to see that it is he himself. After a while William Nepayere died.

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