British Doctors: 3000 patients died due to negligence

In two years, more than three thousand patients have died due to the negligence of doctors, lack of medicine and banal care — to the extent that the patients drank water from vases to quench their thirst. Vases, characteristically, the wards were — everything looked fine.

More than three thousand patients, "suddenly" died in the five branches of the National Health Fund of Great Britain in the last two years. British Prime Minister David Cameron asked to check 20 hospitals, reports the Daily Telegraph.

On Wednesday, a report was published, containing more than 1700 pages, under which thousands of British patients died due to medical negligence. On Wednesday, British media attention was focused on the mysterious death of 1200 in the hospital of Staffordshire. On Thursday, it became known about three thousand patients that with proper care should not have to die.

Author of the report, QC Robert Frenkis wrote of "catastrophic errors at all levels", and added that no nurse or doctor had been dismissed in the meantime. In addition, he has made 290 recommendations related to the fact that the power structures should be taken in the investigation of the situation.

Daily Mail writes that the patients had to lie in their own urine and feces, drinking water from vases. In addition, they often give the wrong medication, or sent home in a life-threatening condition. Frenkis adds that the management of branches too much focus on personal wealth and business, and not the patient.

The situation has caused wide public response, and British Prime Minister David Cameron has got to do inspection of all hospitals that have distinguished high mortality.

"What was in Staffordshire — is not just criminal negligence, a real horror. And based on the report of Robert Frenkisa, one hospital is not all," — he said, adding that from now on any senior doctor can dismiss the complaint based upon the patient. Previously, the top management of hospitals removed from office only if the fund went into debt or to not plan.

Responsible for the investigation will be Sir Bruce Kof, chief medical officer of operational services of the National Health Fund.

Meanwhile, the family has died in hospital Staffordshire patients require immediate resignation of senior management fund. "They knew what was going on in the hospitals," — they say.

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