British scientists plan to catch carbon dioxide giant fly swatter

MOSCOW, Oct. 27 — RIA Novosti. Scientists from the British Society of Mechanical Engineers (IME) is calculated by 2018 to develop technology absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions responsible for global warming, by setting, similar to a giant fly swatter, Reuters reported.

British scientists plan to catch carbon dioxide giant fly swatterMankind is trying to reduce its impact on climate change, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, of which the largest contribution to the warming belongs to carbon dioxide. On the other hand, researchers are working on methods of "withdrawal" of CO2 from the air, but still significant progress in establishing a cheap and efficient technology could not be reached.

"The device, resembling a giant fly swatter, a thousand times more efficient than similar-sized trees absorb CO2 from the air," — said in a statement referring to the opinion given by the IME.

Currently, there is not much development for the regulation of CO2 in the air, and their ultimate value is not fully defined. Scientists hope that the "fly swatter" will be cheaper and smaller than the absorption of carbon dioxide methods, which are called "Technologies of CO2 capture and hold" (Carbon Capture and Storage — CCS).

CCS involves separation mostly carbon dioxide and its transportation to places where CO2 can be stored deep underground in a "porous media" — such as depleted oil and gas fields — or in permeable geologic formations saturated with salt water.

"Last week, the British government has abandoned plans to create CCS in Scotland, saying it is too high cost of technology," — said the agency.

In this regard, experts, whose opinion is contained in the message, according to the installation, such as "fly swatter", perhaps the last resort to deal with the excess CO2. In addition, they recommend to governments to support alternative energy.

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