Brownie — a fairy tale or a true story

What is a brownie? According to the legends of our ancestors is the custodian of the house, the spirit. Mysterious creature in various guises, for some it's a gray-haired old man, not tall, but someone like a shaggy black bear. Brownie can also take an image or pets appear as shadows on the wall.

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Brownie is a favorite place of Russian stove. In order that the "Brownie is not transferred" to the stove throwing garbage. Brownie can also live in the attic, in a corner, in a closet or in the cellar, at the door or the wall. But in the bathroom or in a bath will never go down. If Brownie chose residence, then from there he will go nowhere.

Brownie hear more than you see, the people he shows very rare. At night, he walks around the house muttering something is not clear, and he sighs, as well as crockery rattles and bangs cabinet doors.

Russian people to Brownie treated with respect. He loves those families where there is peace and love, where the houses clean and tidy. Its just as revered as prudent owner.

In the old days so there was no trouble, when moving to a new place of residence spent little ritual, as if inviting with a Brownie. Since Brownie live without people can not. If it is left in the old house, he would weep bitterly and howl at night left without a home.

On major holidays (on Maundy Thursday, Easter and Christmas) laid after a celebratory dinner on the table to leave a treat for Brownie. And on February 10 to celebrate the birthday "domovushki." On this day, must necessarily leave the fairing on the master table. In the form of porridge with bread or biscuits with milk. And at the same time asked him to look after the cattle.

After these treats Brownie whole year will be docile and helpful. But if you do not treat it, then out of the good it can turn into a harmful and evil creature. Because of all the things that go on the farm at a loss.

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