Many people in Russia believe that their homes have the spirit — brownie. Most often, he is kind and is considered a family friend. Brownie usually hides behind the stove, where the throw trash, but sometimes at the door.

The spirit of the house is very economical and helps the owners did not squander the property, and if the evil spirit, it can destroy the host. People brownie consider their relatives and called his grandfather. For example, when moving to another house, then try to take it with me.

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Brownie — it's a homebody and to take it with you should say, "Grandpa brownie, go home, come to us to live" or "I bow to you, the owner's father. I ask Welcome to the new mansion! ". Transfer the brownie in a pot with coals or on a scoop of baking bread. You can simply sweep away the garbage in the hallway on the scoop, and sprinkle them in the new house.

Brownie loves hard-working hosts. For them, it keeps the house clean and tidy. Always tries that would host, was not looking for the right little thing at work and rarely bother. For a lazy house-owner will be the enemy. There will be different things to hide and destroy the host if it will not start. More homes are not like drunks and women without a headscarf if they married.

Most often, brownies like to joke with their hosts and can tuck what, or whether a small little thing, so it'll be a long time then look for but just to say: "Brownie, Brownie! It was played, and that's enough. Give it back! "You'll find it in plain view. Yet he can braid pigtails mistress after which have long combed.

If the brownie angry that he starts to rattle dishes, all the time, and even rustle the hosts kick off of the bed. In order to make peace with him, to ask him for forgiveness and throw in the place where he lives some candy, a crust of fresh loaf or shiny tinsel with colored strips of cloth. Then brownie kinder and stop play pranks and get in the way households do their own thing.

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