Buraukin: The fact that some people try to forget about this event, sacrilege

20 years ago July 27, 1990, the Supreme Council of the then Byelorussian SSR adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty. A year later, August 25, 1991, members have paid the Declaration of constitutional law status by issuing a full-fledged sovereign state independence of the Republic of Belarus. As in Minsk today celebrated the 20th Godden declaration?

Prior to the 1996 referendum on July 27 was the main national holiday — Independence Day. Today, the official Minsk this historic date do not recall any one state newspaper not remembered the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty. A July 27, 1994, a week after his inauguration, President Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting in the Philharmonic Hall in honor of the 5th anniversary of the Declaration, delivered a patriotic speech at the WhiteRussian language.

Why does the government and its leader ignores the date of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, says deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Vladimir Sapronov, which did not belong to any faction opposition, nor to power, and was a centrist:

Lukashenko wants to forget about everything that was related to the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation …

"Lukashenko wants to forget about everything that was related to the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation. And not only on this date. And about beating deputies. Everything. He promised that he would show the Belarusian people what was going on in Parliament, where the opposition captured the Oval Room. was not shown. Whatever was in the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, he was so eager to forget … "

The poet Gennady Buraukin in the late 1980's — early 1990's was the head of the Belarus to the United Nations:

"This is a historic event, and what some are trying to forget about it, it's not just funny, it's sacrilege. Every people want to have their own national state, if it is the people, if the people of the civilized, cultured people when, as a powerful nation. And we 'm glad that's already the 20th anniversary of this event. "

Today members of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, representatives of political parties and movements laid flowers on the graves of their colleagues who have died prematurely — Gennady Karpenko Igor Hermyanchuk, Dmitry Bulakhova, George Tarazevich, Gennady Bocharov and others, and also visited the graves of writers Basil Bykov and Vladimir Karatkevich, historian Mikhail Tkachev, Vladimir Karmilkin photographer who created so far and chronicle of events.

On the grave of Vasil Bykov, his close friend, the poet Gennady Buraukin said:

"He really is one of those that date brought closer all its essence, and its powerful talent and his Belarusian, and his wisdom. Independence movement in Belarus has also raised Vasil Bykov."

Member of the Supreme Savete 12th convocation Lavon Barshcheuski recalls the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th and 13th convocation Gennady Karpenko:

"Gennady Karpenko was certainly a man of bright, colorful and charismatic. Under other circumstances, he could successfully lead the state. Remember when August 25, 1991 Declaration of Sovereignty was given the force of constitutional law, when it was proclaimed the independence of Belarus, Prime Minister Kebich said on the sidelines that resigns amid panic nomenclature. I went to Gennady Dmitrievich and asked, "Are you ready to lead the government if Kebich resign?" He said, "Ready" …

But things went a different scenario, Kebich remained prime minister until 1994. And Gennady Karpenko died suddenly in 1999 …

And laid flowers to the grave Igor Hermyanchuk, who died from a severe illness of 41 years. MP recalls Levon Deiko:

"Many of us remember that extremely popular newspaper" Freedom "edited by Igor Hermyanchuk. This newspaper has left a very bright trace in the political life of Belarus. Then he edited the newspaper" News. "And at the end of his life, being ill, he published the magazine "Courier." It was a very optimistic warehouse, friendly, friendly … "

Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Lavon Barshcheuski remembered that from the Parliament, which took 20 years ago, the Declaration of State Sovereignty, almost a third have no …

On the tomb of Vladimir Karmilkin

On the grave of Igor Hermyanchuk

On the grave of Vasil Bykov

On the grave of Gennady Karpenko


Declaration of Independence

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