Burrows Cave — mysteries of the pyramids of Egypt to the United States!

Burrows Cave — A mysterious place, the location of which still remains a mystery. Russell Burrows — Cave explorer who found the system of underground tunnels in the United States, argues that it is covered with drawings, the like of which are found in the Egyptian pyramids, as well as gold bullion, with the image of ancient gods!

Find in a mountain valley

In April 1982 the American caver Russell Burrows in one of the valleys of Illinois, the coordinates of which he chose not to disclose, accidentally stepped on a stone slab, almost fade into the ground. The next moment he was hanging over razverznuvsheysya underfoot bottomless cleft. Only immediate reaction helped caver at the same moment his elbows spread apart and stretch them to the wall crevices, when the plate is gone from under his feet. Getting out, interested Burroughs again looked into the abyss. He saw that the walls of the gallery painted with strange figures and characters. As a result of further research in the Valley Caver found another entrance to the cave, and in a few weeks was able to clear it. The fact that Burroughs was able to detect it, has surpassed his wildest expectations. He opened a complex system of caves and tunnels, walls and floors were literally covered with mysterious figures and characters.

Burroughs moved through the cave, meter by meter. At the same time he met frequently closed the entrances to the stone walls. Finally, it is decided to open one. It was no easy task, but when the stone "plug" for her in the nose hit the caver smell of decay. For breached was a burial chamber. On a massive stone slab lay a human skeleton, and next to it — axes, spears and numerous metal objects.

Expanding the hole, Burroughs contrived to get inside. In the light of a flashlight here and there gleamed copper and bronze ware, pottery and exquisite gold jewelry.

"The main tomb"

After a while, caver opened another crypt. She kept the remains of a woman and two children. It is possible that all three were sacrificed. At this eloquently pointed out signs of damage on their bones. In 1987 Burroughs opened another burial cave, which later gave the name "Home tomb." The entrance is covered huge stone disk, the surface of which flaunted some signs. When caver overcome this obstacle, he found himself in a large room. There was a huge stone sarcophagus surrounded by old weapons, statues of people and animals. With the scrap Burroughs managed to push the lid of the sarcophagus, which was opened in another — of pure gold. In the golden coffin was wrapped in a cloth mummy. Russell pointed out that it was not an Indian. Face mummy had Negroid features: a flat nose, wide-set eyes and thick lips. With some difficulty closing the entrance to the tomb drive, Burroughs went upstairs.

Between secrecy and publicity

After some time, the discoverer found it necessary to notify about the cave scientists. It overcame doubts whether he should announce his discovery to the authorities and to delegate to strangers experts? Maybe better to pick the right people and work with them? Burroughs also feared that if the public becomes aware of the found gold, the cave will flood flow fans of easy money. It is possible that in secrecy location of the cave and he had his own self-interest. Be that as it may, Russell Burrows devoted to the mystery of his discovery of a few people, and began to represent individual processed for examination by ancient masters stones or their pictures. The answer for a long time, everywhere was disappointing. Since the images do not fit into any of the existing historical patterns, letters did not respond to decipher, and the drawings are kind of like the modern, the findings announced falsification. Burroughs also steadfastly refused to say exactly where his cave and, as sometimes claimed, even blew up the entrance to it.

From 1985 to 1995, many scientific organizations called on Russell Burroughs with a request to show the cave and offered to hold it in archaeological research at the professional level. But whenever he found an excuse for failure. However caver made detailed sketches and descriptions of countless stones with drawings, as well as various gold artifacts. Later photos of many of them were presented in two books published them on the cave. First, among the journalists and researchers write about the sensational discovery has agreed to a Swiss author Byurgin Luke, who was then working on his new book "The Moon flash. Forgotten scientific discoveries. " Burroughs gave him a detailed graphic material. However, according to Byurgina, he soon realized what a hornet's nest managed to get there.
The battle for truth

After the publication of the book Byurgina of American Scientists fierce debate erupted. Some stubbornly defended the reality of the cave, the other as it stubbornly denied. Jim Whittall of the Research Center of ancient settlements in Long Hill, for example, insisted that all this is a big scam. Some experts noted that many of the stones from the cave suspiciously resemble other, previously found in different parts of the world.

Gene Hunt from the Society of Louisiana mounds, however, stated: "I am convinced that the cave system, which it describes Burroughs, really exists. My belief is based mainly on two points. First, the number, and secondly — the quality of the artifacts presented. It seems to me unlikely that someone could make such a lot of fakes in such a short time. "

Many articles in defense of the authenticity of finds wrote a former engineer and land surveyor, Dr. James Scherz, who led the excavation of the ancient society. On the founder of the Society of ancient astronauts, Dr. Gene Phillips, a conversation with Russell Burrows, whom he called a real explorer, made a favorable impression. Founder and President of the Institute for the Study of American Cultures Dr. Joseph B. Mann concluded, "The people in the cave Burroughs, I believe — is the Sun King, buried along with their wives, children, weapons and food supplies that were needed in their way death. These demigods were the descendants of those immortal extraterrestrial beings who once fell to Earth in fiery ships have been here for a while and had a targeted genetic manipulation. They handed the appeared so offspring of knowledge that were preserved and passed on from generation to generation. They taught them how to treat the disease, build ships, to build houses … Leaving Earth, they promised to return someday. "
After the scandals — to research findings

Sometimes the passion around the cave Burroughs turned into tabloid scandal. In the 1990s, most of the publications of the cave accounted for the magazine "Old America", who edited Frank Collin. Opponents accused him in a neo-Nazi past, of having links with extremist Jewish organizations, or even much of homosexuality — a fact eloquently attests to the level of scientific debate over the ocean. All the same, Luke Byurgin was argued that Russell Burrows melted part of the found gold, then sold it and keep the proceeds for the scam $ 15 million in Swiss banks. In the United States argued that it is more likely about 60 million dollars. It has been suggested that the cave Burroughs in the XIX century secret society was going to "Knights of the Golden Circle", which made all of these stylized antique gizmos. Associated with the Order of the British Israelites televangelist Arnold Murray of Arkansas gleefully prophesied: findings in the cave suggest that the ten northern tribes of Israel settled in ancient times, not only Britain, but also of the land in North America.

Perhaps the most believable and plausible hypothesis about the origin of the artifacts from the cave Burroughs put forward Philip Coppens. He noted that the Illinois Indians have a legend: that their land was buried in a king, not born in America. Coppens associated with this legendary king lord of the Roman province of Mauritania on behalf of Juba II, who ruled it in the middle of the I century. It is known that Juba II ordered for his mausoleum in Tipaza (in present-day Algeria) golden sarcophagus. The Roman authorities suspected Mauritanian ruler of treason, and he had to flee. As suggested by Coppens, through the Azores Juba II with a large retinue eventually ended up overseas. Well, maybe that Coppens rights.



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