Businessmen in shock. No one knows how things work

Foreign currency Belarusian citizens have to give more and more domestic rubles. Today, in particular, the official exchange rate at banks rose to 4,500 Belarusian rubles and one euro is worth more than 6300 rubles. However, at this rate can not buy the currency. A black market dollar rate has exceeded 5,000 rubles per dollar.


"There is no currency. And when it appears, on such a rate that it will not buy"

We exchanger near the regional branch of the bank in Grodno on the street Karbysheva no rights. No, and currency. Course: Dollar — 4480-4500, euro — 6340-6360. Some other banks give for a dollar ten rubles more, but hard currency is nowhere.

The train station — a place where a little more likely that someone can donate currency. But available here either. At the station when I arrived, waited at the exchangers five people. I ask the question: to what features should climb rate to the currency appeared, at least to people more willing to hand over her?

Man: "I do not appear, and if it appears, on such a rate that it will not buy, wait for it all. Evening, rumors, for six thousand will … But it does not appear, though ten thousand. Fact that people pass is what will be, more than anything. not give, were here, because you have to smother it all that could not buy. "

"Three weeks of standing in line, and be sure to mark the walk"

This grodnenets explains that even at the railway station to buy a little currency is almost impossible:

"Buy only those who are bankrupt, to at least get back what you spent. Three weeks of standing in line to buy these five hundred dollars. Walk and celebrated right. And it all depends on the case: surrendered five dollars, bought, passed ten — bought. Under exchangers are weeks in the queue to buy dollars. "

"The stores twice raised the price of the Belarusian products!"

This very gentleman — entrepreneur:

"Dollars are needed for the job. No. currency — hence, no work … Prices vzvintsilisya. Stores in twice raised its domestic products! Eggs, sausage, meat — twice is due to currency unless they have the currency is to that? ".

When one woman I was lucky, someone passed a currency exchanger:

"That's what failed, passed, and I bought it. Spent the night here, and slept there on the chair, seven rubles per night."

"For the currency of Belarus is nothing to sell, I think so"

People work waiting at the station, but have no hope that the currency will be freely available.

Second man: "Neither the exchange rate, if the State is no currency, I think yes. Yet will not give credit. Credit nobody will. Would not, because they have lost confidence. To my mind, we are not competitive, probably, production. Sell less than buy. Needless to sell us, I think so. "


"Easier Now close your small business, you buy a new product"

Brest entrepreneurs argue that in the current situation, may be forced to cease operations. Because inflation has run at a loss.

Individual entrepreneur Alexander, who at the central market in Brest has a kiosk, says that now involves curtail the trade. According to him, the economic situation is completely rolled back to the level of the 1990s:

"Acute shortage of working capital. For example, today I sold the goods, which invested 30 million.'m Going to buy a new product, and it has already cost 50 million rubles. Inflation is just terrible. How to make money? Appears that businesses operate at a loss . A must, among other things, the salaries paid to vendors and taxes to pay. Where is the money? What is the meaning of work in this country? '.

"On the wholesale depots dollar is considered to 7000 rubles"

The townspeople are trying to make stocks of products at the old prices. As a businessman said Irina, sometimes it happens that almost all the products people buy, not waiting for higher prices. And as you buy a new product to distribution centers, the dollar out there think even 7,000 rubles:

"Yesterday was such a stir. At my shop dismantled salt, sugar, vinegar, flour, baking soda. Said that even salt will cost 6,000 rubles."

Entrepreneur deliver new goods. Almost half-empty shelves. The woman says that he sees no point in further work. Easier to sell the store.

"Working in Belarus is impossible"

Chairman of the Brest city organization of the "Perspective" Vladimir Katrych notes as currency does not, a wholesale bases only goods of domestic production, which can not be filled not only the store, but even the kiosk:

"Entrepreneurs are shocked. Nobody knows what to do next. At the wholesale depots are no products. Russian and Ukrainian product is no longer in general, there are only products made in Belarus."

But this article today, not everybody can afford, says businessman Alexander:

"Inflation is terrible. Not enough money.'m Not talking about currency, it is about the Belarusian ruble. Added to this is the huge taxes. Should somehow pay salaries to employees. Work in our country is impossible."

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