Caring for Dad

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Our life is like a moving picture without the possibility of rapid rewind footage of events ago. Time is running forward, we age, our parents, too: habits, work, views are changing. Parents are more in need of our care, attention, care.


Our whole life is divided into periods: childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, old age. There comes a time, and we are moving away from their parents, we start a family. Although we do not forget our beloved mother and father, and often dropped in on him visit, we meet with them much less frequently than when they lived side by side. At some point, you notice that they are much older: my mother appeared fine wrinkles on the face, and they are not on the air, it became more gray hair, anddad get tired more quickly than before, and hair thinning.

Each in his own way going through the approaching old age. Mom all the more critical looks at his reflection in the mirror, preening longer, dad was once thought. However, they are still the same loving and caring parents.

When we come to visit them, they are primarily interested in how we doing, mom rather puts the table to feed.

It happens that parents are silent about their ailments, not wanting to load us with their problems. Often we are in a whirlwind of his domestic affairs did not notice that need our help. For them, we always remain children, but we must not forget that they are not as strong, young and healthy as before. They need our care and support.

After 50 years of ailments rained on us in abundance, but the doctor in this country, few visits without urgent need. Usually limited to a promise to yourself sometime to go to the doctor to be checked and forget about the problem. However, the older we get, the more we are exposed to disease and the more severe the consequences for us in a timely manner from untreated ailments.

It happens that our parents too dismissive of the problems with health. In particular fathers. Like all men, they do not like to talk about their illnesses and visit doctors. They want to keep their loved ones strong advocates, the guardians of the family without a hint of weakness.

And only you will know from my mother that he would often run to the bathroom at night, and sometimes suffers from urinary incontinence. But when it comes to this, just shrugs his hands and do nothing.

However, children need to take a turn and persistence to convince my father to go to the doctor-urologist. Perhaps he grasped such a common ailment of men after 50 years as BPH. Usually the disease manifests a whole galaxy of symptoms: frequent urination in small portions, worse at night, difficulty and / or intermittent urination, weak stream of urine, the emergence of the need to tense during urination, a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, the emergence of strong uncontrollable urge to urinate and urinary incontinence. Violation of urination is due to the fact that prostate tissue starts to grow, expand, and gradually compresses the urethra.

Urologists recommend that men older than 50 years of regular visits to the urologist, especially if there are violations of urination. A new word in the treatment of BPH is a drug "Vitaprost Forte", which is released in the form of suppositories. The prostate gland is located in close proximity to the rectum, therefore, the active ingredient quickly into the prostate tissue: the drug penetrates not only into the bloodstream, but also in the lymph, bypassing the liver. This ensures prolonged therapeutic effect and high availability of the drug. Enough at night to use one candle one time per day. The recommended course of 20-30 days. After a course of treatment with "Vitaprost Forte" a decrease in the volume of an enlarged prostate gland, normal urination, improves sexual function. Of course, like any medicine, "Vitaprost Forte" has its side effects and contraindications before applying it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

BPH — this is not a condemnation of old age, urologists say, you only have to visit a urologist and, if necessary, early treatment. Take care of your father, tell him you love him, and how you care for it to be healthy. After all, any age is fine in its own way, the main thing the right way, the optimism and the ability to "good" old.





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