Carrots improves blood

The word "immunity" is familiar, perhaps, even to children. But what is that from a medical point of view? How to prepare your body for the coming winter, when the sun does not appear over Moscow, and fresh herbs from their own beds remained in the memory? In every immunomodulator and stimulants on the market today, there is no shortage. But what of the natural products and their derivatives are actually able to help us in a protracted fall and the coming winter? For advice, we turned to our regular consultant known herbalist, Head. Department of Family Medicine at the First Moscow State Medical University. Sechenov Sergei Turischeva.

— Immunity — a system of defense, including — from various diseases. A strong immune system enables you to live, to work — it is an axiom. Is it possible to boost immunity? It is possible, just need to know how. This is subject only to specialists. It is known that as a result of violations at any point in the immune system may have certain diseases. Associated with a reduced immune response to infection and susceptibility to colds, poor wound healing. On the other hand, any disease, seemingly not related to the immune system (eg, neurosis, strokes, heart attacks …), one way or another affect the immune status. Thus, the assessment of the immune system and its correction is an essential part of any herbal medicine patient.

The complexity of the exact use of medicinal plants in order to correct the immune status due to the fact that often in the same plant contained, for example, substances that stimulate and suppress the immune response. For example, by stimulating include clover, horsetail, ginger, ginseng, corn silk, Potentilla, currants and others. And by depressing — quite a number of other plants. Therefore, choosing the means immune, you should focus on specific information.

Ginseng and its products have long been used in medicine as a means to increase the body's resistance to infections and other adverse actions.

Eleutherococcus and drugs also increase the level of immunity. Particularly pronounced its pharmacological activity in the spring and autumn. There is evidence that this plant is a negative effect on tumor growth and reduces toxicity.

Radiola pink (golden root) — For prophylactic use increases resistance to infections, and the use in acute infectious disease has already developed leads to increased severity of its flow.

Sedum called Russian ginseng. In medicine the plant is used as a nutrient stimulant. In obstetrics — to enhance natural immunity in pregnant women after hemorrhage. As well as diseases of female genitalia, infectious-allergic form of asthma.

Aloe used as a means of increasing the body's defenses. Aloe juice can be used in the treatment of nonhealing wounds. Aloe preparations are effective in high nonspecific body resistance. With radiation therapy aloe reduces immune-depressive effect. By the way, it was found that when exposed to the cold and lack of aloe water in the leaves accumulate more biostimulation agents. At home, to save the active ingredients in aloe to use its leaves to survive for two weeks in the refrigerator.

Chaga — Birch mushroom. Increases the body's defenses and stimulates metabolism. Positive effect on the immune system in cancer patients.

Briar has immunomodulatory properties that are associated with the presence of a large amount of ascorbic acid. Rosehip enhances the protective activity of white blood cells, increases the body's resistance to infection — some researchers attribute this to the ability of ascorbic acid increases the production of interferon.

Cod-liver oil contains a lot of vitamin D, known as antirahitichesky. And yet — vitamin A, which in combination with vitamin C improves the function of cellular immunity.

Found that the substance of the immunotropic isolated from medicinal plants, have their own particular biological effect: they contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glikozity etc. For example, vitamin A (available in the sea buckthorn, carrots, etc.) increases the activity of natural defenders, stimulate an immune response to a number of infections increases the lymphocytes in the blood. And vitamin E (in a significant amount is found in vegetable oils) increase of lymphocytes in the blood. It is particularly true of vitamin C — except rose, it is found in large quantities in black currants, gooseberries, parsley, grapes, citrus fruits.

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